• The Political Earthquake

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    There is a
    monumental shift taking place in the United States of America, of
    which you are well aware. Its effects have been felt throughout
    the world. The tectonic plates of public opinion are resettling
    and causing earthquakes all across the country. I have seen and
    felt some of the shock waves. This rumbling of which I speak is
    of course the Ron Paul Revolution. It is not just the presidential
    candidacy of Ron Paul, though. It is a mass awakening of a long
    silent populace. An eclectic group of people who see the good doctor
    as the embodiment of their country’s past greatness. He is also
    their beacon of hope for the future shining to them from a Washington
    that has long since been clouded and obscured by the pollution of
    corruption and greed.

    I work in Silicon
    Valley and get paid to sit in front of a computer all day. I search
    and sort through masses of information and in my free time like
    to keep a finger on the pulse of the country. I first noticed something
    odd coursing through the veins of the United States after Dr. Paul’s
    performance at the first Republican debate. Not many people in this
    country actually saw it live, but I assume anyone who did noticed
    this infusion of adrenaline into the political discourse. Everyone
    in the mainstream media claimed that Dr. Paul had a snowball’s chance
    in hell of winning the Republican primaries, let alone the general
    election. However, that little snowball kept rolling, picking up
    speed and has resulted in the avalanche that we see before us. The
    country is gradually turning off the loudspeakers of the government,
    who were once considered to be journalists and commentators, and
    tuning into the message of Dr. Paul.

    I have been
    following this campaign very closely since I first took notice of
    Dr. Paul. His message of freedom and liberty awakened something
    alive within me which had lain dormant for so long. As so many signs
    state, "Dr. Paul Cured My Apathy." I was never shocked
    to learn of new successes for Dr. Paul. In fact, everything that
    has happened thus far has seemed to be pretty obvious and inevitable.

    Dr. Paul will
    continue to get big-time endorsements. Barry Goldwater, Jr., was
    an important one, but there will be many more to come. The consciences’
    of the elected will prevail. They are not all dumb men and some
    will swallow their pride for a moment to come out on the side of
    truth. More celebrities and musicians will continue to come out
    for Dr. Paul. Not just John Mayer arguing with Justin Long (that
    Apple guy). Smart people will continue to support the campaign financially,
    as they realize it is a very good investment. The effect of one
    such effort was seen today by millions of people as they traveled.

    Crowds will
    get larger and larger. 5,000 people in Philadelphia was impressive,
    but that will be easily surpassed by some of the rallies that will
    be held in the future, with masses upon masses of all parts of the
    country coming together to hear one man speak. They will be bringing
    friends and family. Some people claim that there is a cap on Dr.
    Paul’s support. They think that his campaign is like a wildfire,
    which can be contained; only moving so fast and so far. This is
    dead wrong. People have become dried up from the tired rhetoric,
    blatant liars, endless wars, increasing taxes, and decreasing civil
    liberties. The populace has become kindling and this wildfire, which
    is being blown around quicker than anyone can imagine because the
    Internet has enabled truth to be available to anyone with a mind
    to seek it. It will not be stamped out and the people will not lose
    their will as the ridiculous attacks against Dr. Paul continue and
    get much worse. It seems mud does not stick to a man with impeccable
    and enlightened morals, values, ethics, ideas and a record to prove

    The campaign's
    goal for Q4 of $12 million will be blown out of the water. This
    is obvious. Dr. Paul will already have over $12 million banked before
    the Boston Tea Party of 2007. As for the amount raised during that
    celebration of liberty, it will make fundraising history. By the
    end of the quarter, Dr. Paul will have raised well over $20 million
    in just 3 months, utterly embarrassing the rest of the Republican

    People who
    support Dr. Paul have fire in their bellies, which will bring them
    to them out in large numbers in the cold winter to support their
    man in the primaries. The other Republican candidates might gather
    some pretty large numbers in a few states, but there will only be
    one man with consistent and impassioned support all throughout the

    Given the choice
    between Dr. Paul and any of the Democratic "front-runners,"
    the people of the United States of America would choose Dr. Paul.
    No one wants war once he realizes that no one is truly at war against
    him. Dr. Paul offers a clear alternative. People will make the right
    choice IF they are given a choice.

    There are
    big things happening in this world of ours. I am excited to be observing
    such a pivotal point in history and I am glad that there are people
    in this world that give me cause for optimism. The world is ready
    for some revolutionary thinking.

    22, 2007

    [send him mail] is a Massachusetts
    native, currently living and working in Silicon Valley. He graduated
    from Amherst College in 2006, majoring in Psychology and Theater
    & Dance.

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