More Ron Paul Secrets Revealed

Ron Paul – I like his ideas but they are not practical.

I hear this all the time.  Many people like Ron Paul’s views, but for some reason, they have decided that liberty is not “practical” and freedom is a “luxury” we cannot afford anymore.  But deep down, they really wish it were different.  It can be different. The answer is right in front of you:  Vote for Ron Paul.  The other day a person said to me that they really liked all of Ron Paul’s views and ideas, but why vote for him if he can’t win?  That logic confounds me. Was the person really saying that it makes more sense to vote for someone you don’t like, who will get into office and hurt you, just because he has a better chance of winning?  It is astonishing the way some people think.  In case the news did not get out, the $5000 cash prize for picking the candidate who wins has been cancelled.  The only thing you get when you vote for a guy you do not like is policies you do not like – policies that will hurt you, hurt your pocketbook, and hurt your family. Oh, and P.S., Ron Paul is winning, he is winning in debates and straw polls and sweeping the Internet, but the mainstream media does not want you to know so they keep the news to themselves.

Ron Paul is the only candidate running who offers true hope for the people.  Perhaps Americans are so jaded that they don’t think it is possible to live without tyranny. Perhaps people feel that after decades of being robbed, tricked, lied to, and manipulated that they need to let go of hope and be willing to accept that their lot in life will not improve with the next four years so the best they do is vote for the lesser of two evils. This election, for the first time, you don't have to vote for evil. You have a real choice for once in many decades.  Take advantage of it.  Dare to dream.

Ron Paul offers the people of this country real hope. He offers protection from (rather than catering to) the corporate big wigs. Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to make your life better. For example:

Ron Paul offers truth.  Did you know that it is illegal for a dietary supplement company to make a true statement about its products because the big pharmaceuticals want all your business and cannot stand the thought of you taking a cheap herbal remedy?  Ron Paul introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act so that the FDA cannot stand in your way of hearing truthful claims about the benefits of foods and dietary supplements.  Ron Paul offers hope to your family over the profits of huge companies.  Yes, you can have someone on your side.

Did you know that emergency rooms are going out of business because of legislation passed by Congress? Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) physicians who work in emergency rooms are required to provide care, regardless of a person’s ability to pay, to anyone who comes into an emergency room. Hospitals are also required by law to bear the full costs of providing free care to anyone who seeks emergency care. Thus, EMTALA forces medical professionals and hospitals to bear the entire cost of caring for the indigent. Many institutions simply cannot afford the strain. Ron Paul seeks to offset those costs with tax credits to physicians with a new bill he introduced.

Ron Paul offers freedom to churches to exercise their freedom of speech in the political arena.  Did you know that the IRS has sent notices to more than 15,000 non-profit organizations – including churches – regarding its new crackdown on political activity?  Ron Paul writes: “We cannot allow churches to be silenced any more than we can allow political dissent in general to be silenced.”  "The Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom must not depend on the whims of IRS bureaucrats." You don’t have to go it alone; you can have a candidate who fights for you.

Ron Paul also fights for a parent’s right to raise their child the way they see fit and to make their own decisions about whether to medicate away their child's behavior. The government wants to take that choice away from you.  The government is calling for the mandatory mental health screening of American schoolchildren, meaning millions of kids will be forced to undergo psychiatric screening whether their parents consent or not. Ron Paul introduced an amendment to eliminate any funding for the proposal.  He also introduced a bill that forbids federal funds from being used for any mental-health screening of students without the express, written, voluntary, informed consent of their parents.  The bill is known as "The Parental Consent Act of 2005," or HR 181.   Ron Paul will fight the government as it tries to take over the most basic of rights: the right to raise your child.

As far as the working man is concerned, Ron Paul also wants to help out there. He wants to get rid of the Income tax.  I hear all the time:  that is not practical, that is not possible, and we need the income tax. I say okay, but would you like it if the Income Tax was gone?  The answer is always yes.  Well, you can have what you want.  Under Ron Paul’s plan, we only need to return to the spending levels of the year 2000 to be able to eliminate the Income tax.  In fact, the Income tax is only one of many, many different taxes and tariffs that the government seizes to collect money and without this one particular tax, the government can run just fine. So, you see, you can have what you want.  You really can have freedom.  If you truly want to keep your whole paycheck, what is stopping you?  All you need to do is vote for Ron Paul.

Do you think your medical information should be kept private?  Yes? So does Ron Paul.  The government on the other hand disagrees.  Under a bill passed a few years ago, rather than protecting the individual's right to medical privacy, the government issued regulations empowering government officials to determine how much medical privacy an individual “needs.”  The regulations also require health care providers to give medical records to the federal government for inclusion in a federal health care database.  Ron Paul fought that for you and introduced the Patient Privacy Act to repeal these threats to patient privacy and provide quality health care.  Yes, it is possible to get Big Brother off your back and out of your most private and intimate issues.  Again, all you have to do is vote for Ron Paul.

Think the Department of Homeland Security is keeping you safe?  Think again. Ron Paul explains:  “Five years into this new Department, Congress still cannot agree on how to handle the mega-bureaucracy it created, which means there has been no effective oversight of the department. While Congress remains in disarray over how to fund and oversee the department, we can only wonder whether we are more vulnerable than we were before Homeland Security was created.” Meanwhile, safer or not, in May of this year Congress voted to authorize nearly $40 billion dollars of your money for the Homeland Security Department. We certainly don't need more bureaucracy gumming up the works and losing track of important information. Ron Paul wants to end the wasting of our money and find a real way to keep us safe.

In general, government solutions don't work. You know this deep in your gut. As the years have passed and more and more areas are taken over by the government, your lives get harder, your privacy is lost, and your liberties are seen as distant memories. You work more and more hours and get fewer and fewer benefits each year. The cost of food and fuel has gone up so fast that your tiny raise, if you even get a raise, can't keep up with the additional expense. Financially, you are moving backwards and your savings are losing more to inflation every year. Education for your children has become shameful. Many people are forced to move just to find school districts that are acceptable. The promises keep coming, but nothing gets delivered. This is because the government is not really there to help you. It is there to help its friends, big businesses and themselves but certainly not you. Ron Paul gave this speech before the House of Representatives on the topic. Does that speech sound like it came from a man who wants to work to continue the status quo or shake things up a bit and help the rest of us? (Please click on it and read it, it is very powerful.)

As Ron Paul knows, political power over others is coercion and more government means more coercion. We don't need to be coerced any longer. We can have freedom. Ron Paul offers us freedom from improper uses of political power.

Ron Paul is a doctor. Perhaps that is what makes him different. He took the Hippocratic Oath which states in part "I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients." Replace the word patients with citizens and you have the perfect recipe for a President.

Is a Ron Paul Presidency practical? Not only is it practical, but it is realistic, and offers true hope and change for those of us not in the "club." A Ron Paul Presidency will be a Presidency for the people, bringing real change and growth for the general public. A Ron Paul Presidency will offer you all you wish was true, but didn't think possible anymore. Is it practical to regain our freedoms? Yes. Is it practical to regain our liberties? Yes. Is it practical to lessen the burdens placed on us by our government? Yes, yes, yes. You can have what you want. All you have to do is ask for it by voting for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the only Republican that wants to end the war and prevent a military draft. If that is important to you, then vote for him in the primaries no matter which party you support. Wouldn't it be nice to have a ballot with two anti-war candidates?

People criticize Ron Paul for wanting to bring the troops home today. Well, in reality, he couldn't take office until January of 2009, so he could not bring them home before then. That is hardly ending the war today. If in fact we are not being lied to again and the surge is working and everything in Iraq will be hunky dory in just a few more months, the issue will be moot by then. If not, then wasn't six years enough time to try to get the job done? How many American lives have to be lost to save face? Can't we end the madness at some point? How can you win a war against a battle tactic (like terrorism) anyway?

Please click on the underlined links in this article. They take you to articles and speeches and bills sponsored by Ron Paul. To truly see the greatness in this man you need to read his words, not mine. I can only hope to guide you to the truth that is Ron Paul. A truth the mainstream media does not want you to see. I bet you didn't know he polled first after all of the debates and he has been winning in straw poll after straw poll across the United States including Alabama, North Carolina, New Hampshire Taxpayers, New Hampshire (general), and Maryland. Ron Paul also has two second-place finishes and three third-place finishes. But the mainstream media are owned by those corporations that have their hand out at the government trough and are worried it may dry up (Ron Paul turns so many lobbyists away he is known as Dr. No in Washington), so they don't want you to know about the good doctor. They do not want you to know you have a way out. If nothing else convinces you that should. If they don't want you to hear about him, he must be good for you.

September 21, 2007