The Horrors of Nuking Iran


The photos you see here show you what will happen if we nuke Iran. We will maim and murder countless Asians from Iran to Japan. We will poison the soil, the crops, the cattle, the people, for generations to come.

The reason the catastrophe will be so immense is because our nuclear missiles will be vaporizing nuclear sites. When these sites are vaporized, all the enriched uranium and plutonium stockpiled there will be shot into the atmosphere as "weaponized" particles, along with the radioactive particles from the warheads themselves.

These radioactive particles will then be carried eastward by the jet stream and the trade winds across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the other "stans," to India, China, and Japan – producing what Truman long ago described as "a rain of ruin from the air" the like of which the world has never seen.

For these deadly, life-deforming particles can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the lungs. They can also poison all forms of food and water, mother's milk, and men's semen. They can even poison people's tears. Imagine such a thing.

On that terrible day when our missiles strike, pictures from the past like the one above and this one will be etched again in human flesh. And those of us in America who manage to see these horrific images will finally come to understand that the neocons have conned the good American people into committing the most monstrous of crimes – all for sake of keeping nuclear weapons from falling into the "wrong" hands, they say – when we are the only nation to have used such weapons!

Experts debate what the "blowback" of our nuking Iran will be. I say we shall reap the whirlwind.

As the death clouds created by our missiles move remorselessly across the face of Asia, cities will riot. Whole nations will erupt. Puppet governments from Morocco to Malaysia will fall in a hail of bricks and bullets. American businesses will be burnt to the ground. American tourists will be lynched in the streets. And with Pakistan's nuclear missiles now in the hands of radiation-poisoned men with dead and dying parents, wives, and children, who knows where the next mushroom clouds will be?

What is certain is that China and Japan will instantly dump all of their dollars on what remains of the world money market before an evil American cloud brings death, destruction, and deformity raining down on their own populations. And that dumping of trillions of dollars of American debt will mean the end of the American economy as we know it. In the flash of a nuclear blast, we will be like Germany at the end of World War I. And then, God save us… and forgive us… all.

I am a senior psychologist. I am a tough-minded scientist. And this is what the facts of psychology and science tell me will happen if we let Our Fearless Leader nuke Iran.

If I am wrong, let the neocons prove me wrong. Let them prove to you and me and all the world that nuking nuclear sites will not create the kind of death clouds I have described. The burden of proof rests with them, not me. And it is a burden measured in millions of innocent lives.

Watch Dr. Helen Caldicott's excellent video lecture on the subject at and see if you agree.

If the evidence she presents there convinces you, then join me in urging voices of reason like Ron Paul of the need to mount a media campaign to show the American people what Orwellian words like "collateral damage" and the "nuclear option" really mean in flesh-and-blood terms. What they mean to me is the murder and mutilation of millions – like the victims shown here.

In the words of Ronald Reagan, this is a "wall" we must we “tear down.” It is a wall of deadly, deadening, fascist, racist, Orwellian words, designed to disguise and dehumanize the enormity of the atrocities now being actively, openly planned by the Pentagon.

Unless "we the people" come together and say together in compassionate rage, "Not in our name!" – the images we see on this page today will be those we wake to tomorrow.

June 14, 2007