The Ft. Dix 'Conspiracy,' or Why Dana Rohrabacher Should Be Censured


Friends of yours, Dana? Commandos with the “Kosovo Liberation Army,” taking a break from terrorizing moderate Albanians and utting Christian churches to the torch, strike a pose.

It is dangerous and potentially lethal to take at face value anything we’re told by the Regime regarding its supposed success in interdicting terrorist threats. The abortive plot by a half-dozen imported radicals to attack Ft. Dix is a splendid illustration of that principle.

FBI Special Agent J.P. Weis claims that the little knot of accused terrorists was u201Cforming a platoon to take on an army.u201D It’s worth pointing out that, horrible as the prospect of an attack on a secure and fortified Army base may be, the alleged conspirators apparently weren’t planning an assault on a u201Csoft targetu201D — such as a shopping mall or other large civilian gathering place.

This isn’t intended to minimize the alleged crime, but rather to set up what I consider to be an important question: Would the Homeland Security Apparatus display such alacrity in dealing with a threat of this sort (assuming, once again, it was legitimate) had it been directed at somebody other than agents and assets of the State?

It’s also worth noting that in the Ft. Dix plot we find, once again, the conspicuous involvement of an FBI u201Cinformant,u201D described as a veteran of the Egyptian military; in fact, the FBI plant actually seems to have suggested the attack. (Thanks to Justin Ptak by way of Lew Rockwell’s blog.)

I wonder if the Bureau got in touch with Emad Salem and offered him another gig. The first one didn’t turn out so well: Salem penetrated the terror cell responsible for the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and was furious with the FBI after it allowed that attack — which would have been immeasurably bloodier had it not been for the unfathomable stupidity of Mohammed Salameh — to proceed.

Neither a Mensa candidate nor a male model: Terrorist Mohammed Salameh, an imbecile who aspires to be a moron someday.

Salameh, like the dimwits from the purported u201CSeas of Davidu201D terrorist cell, is typical of the kind of people drawn into Washington’s u201Crent-a-cabalu201D False Flag operations. It’s too early to tell if the people from the alleged Ft. Dix plot fit that description, but the fact that they were planning to attack an Army base suggests that we’re dealing with people dwelling on the left side of the Bell Curve.

The most important elements of this story can be found in the identity of the Albanian Muslim brothers — Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka — involved in the alleged conspiracy, and in the fact they lived in New Jersey. Since the late 1990s, New Jersey has played host to a large and growing population of Albanian Muslims, among whom can be found elements of the Albanian mafia and partisans of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) — or do I repeat myself.

The KLA, as I have pointed out, may be the only terrorist group genuinely deserving of the description u201CIslamo-Fascistu201D: Its lineage can be traced to the Albanian Skanderbeg militia organized by the Waffen SS during World War II. That’s the u201CFatherlandu201D half of its pedigree, as it were; the u201CMotherlandu201D half is traced through the Stalinist regime of Albania’s Enver Hoxha. Indeed, the KLA could be considered the mutant offspring of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact — a bastard child raised and nurtured by Osama bin Laden, with the help of the Albanian narcotics underground and (of course) the CIA.

Passionate attachments: KLA enlistees muster for a recruiting rally in Yonkers, New York during the 1999 NATO bombing campaign against Serbia.

This colorful pedigree may explain why the KLA troops in parade review combined the Nazi goose-step with the Soviet clenched-fist salute — although in this case the salute involved smacking the fist against the forehead.

Like I said, we’re dealing with people who would test a couple of standard deviations below the mean.

During the 1999 NATO terror-bombing of Serbia, the KLA canvassed Albanian immigrant populations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan for recruits into a propaganda army — an u201CIbrahim Lincoln Brigade,u201D as it were. After the Clinton administration — working through the UN and NATO — delivered Kosovo (a province of Serbia) into the KLA’s hands, a reign of terror commenced against both Serbs and moderate ethnic Albanians.

The KLA, and its domestic front group, the Albanian-American Civic League (AACL), have made no secret of their demented irredentist objectives: They seek the creation of a u201CGreater Albaniau201D that would include parts of Serbia, Macedonia, and other Balkan countries. They won’t succeed, of course, but their militancy was operationally useful to the Power Elite when it turned its malignant ambitions against the Serbs. And the same principle obtains regarding KLA-connected radicals here and abroad, who can be mobilized for the purpose of staging little terrorist melodramas whenever it suits the interests of our rulers to do so.

During the 78-day u201CKosovo War,u201D the media was ablaze with accounts of Nazi-magnitude atrocities supposedly committed by the Serbs (who, whatever their failings, were pro-US and anti-Nazi during World War II, unlike the pro-Axis Kosovo Albanian militiamen). We were repeatedly assured that the admittedly loathsome regime of the late, unlamented Slobodan Milosevic had slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent Albanians.

Oddly enough, once forensic investigators had access to Kosovo, they failed to find the promised hecatomb. Yes, there was evidence of horrible crimes committed in the course of a very nasty inter-communal war, but Kosovo had not become a huge Killing Field, ala Cambodia or Rwanda.

Rather than admitting that the war had been waged under false pretenses, we were told that the evidence of genocidal killings had been removed by the devious Serbs: Huge refrigerated trucks had been sent into the province to transport thousands of Kosovar cadavers to Serbia, where they were burned, eliminated by acid baths, or otherwise quietly disposed of.

The same trope was used to explain the mysterious disappearance of Saddam’s WMD arsenal, of course: It was supposedly transported to Syria in an operation carried out with such subtlety and competence that no evidence of it has ever materialized.

In both cases, this Munchausen-magnitude tale was retailed to the media by the squalid little clique working as a sub-contractor to Washington: The u201CIraqi National Congressu201D with regard to the missing Iraqi WMDs, and the KLA regarding the fleet of mortuary vehicles that supposedly transferred Albanian corpses to Serbia.

Wretched and repellent as the KLA is, it should be considered a tool, albeit one that might be somewhat difficult to control.

And this means that California Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a stalwart ally of the KLA, is a tool of a tool.

“There is no Dana, only Zu’ul”: Perhaps demonic possession explains why Rep. Rohrabacher is such a passionate defender of Osama’s allies, the KLA.

On July 23, 2001, Rohrabacher was the featured guest at an AACL fundraising dinner at Le Jardin in Edgewater, New Jersey. Also on hand was John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial page supported the terror-bombing of Yugoslavia. Rohrabacher used his speech to extol the Islamo-Fascist KLA as the heirs to the Patriots of our War for Independence, and denounce congressional colleagues who didn’t support arming that terrorist clique in 1999.

The 9-11 attacks came little more than a month later.

That atrocity, according to the standard account, was carried out by elements of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network — a network that included Rohrabacher’s friends in the KLA.

More recently, Rep. Rohrabacher, his chickenhawk plumage fully displayed, assailed critics of the Bush Regime’s illegal u201Cextraordinary renditionu201D program, in which people are kidnapped by the CIA for summary imprisonment somewhere in Washington’s global torture archipelago.

During the April 17 hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, Rohrabacher browbeat witnesses from the European Parliament (not a body for which I’m burdened with much respect, but still) who had criticized the rendition policy.

Addressing those critics, as well as audience members who were audibly disgusted with his antics, Rohrabacher exclaimed: u201CI hope it’s your family members that die when terrorists strike.u201D

(Click here for a video excerpt from the hearing that contains Rohrabacher’s outburst.)

Somebody needs to grab Rohrabacher by the wattles of his neck, give him a good hard shake and maybe a stout slap or two (I’d love to do it myself, but I’m over-booked), and say approximately the following:

u201CHey, Dana, why don’t I round up a few dozen soldiers from Ft. Dix, and you can say the same thing to them? You can do this right after you explain to them why you thought it was a good idea to give hardware and money to Osama’s Albanian allies — including, most likely, the guys who were planning to shoot up the base.u201D

As I noted earlier, we don’t know for sure that the plot against Ft. Dix was genuine. But we have ample reason to believe that the terrorist talent pool created by the Regime is deep enough to contain some genuinely lethal threats to our well-being, and we’ll be hearing from those folks soon enough.