Are You u2018Digging' LRC?

by Bill Haynes by Bill Haynes


If you’re not, let me tell you why you should.

On reading any article that you believe should be read by as many people as possible, “digg” the article, which means click on the “DIGG THIS” icon below the title and submit the article for inclusion on  Doing so will make Lew’s article selection available to the tens of thousands of followers.

For those unfamiliar with, it is one of – if not the hottest – new developments on the Internet.  At, the members select the articles, which makes an effective means of disseminating dissident views and positions on today’s important developments.

To become a member, you need only register, which involves choosing a username, entering a valid email address, selecting a password, and giving your birth date.  To guard against hackers who could submit meaningless or foul material, requires you to enter a security code, which is provided with each submission.

If you are the first to submit an article, you must post a comment or a summary of the article; if the article has already been submitted, you have the option to post a comment on the article, which can be read by other viewers.  When I submitted How the Pentagon Stole the Future, I entered only The Pentagon’s plans for spending still more taxpayer money and clicked the submit icon.

If the article has already been posted, you simply click on the digg it icon and the number of “diggs” increases by one.  At this point you have the option to post a short comment on the article.  The more times an article is “dugg,” the longer the article will stay on  Articles with high number of “diggs” are more likely to be read by visitors.

For more information on, visit the website

Finally, if you are one of the few followers who hasn’t signed up for Lew’s daily email list of selected articles, do so now.  Satisfaction guaranteed.