What the Kept Media Hide About Your Health

This Is Health Care In America….

by Bill Sardi by Bill Sardi


What Americans have witnessed in recent times is…

— The impending collapse of three pharmaceutical giants:

  • Merck in the wake of the Vioxx scandal
  • Pfizer with its patent on Lipitor ($~13 billion annual sales) to lapse in 2010 and its 2nd generation cholesterol drug withdrawn due to increased deaths in a clinical study
  • Amgen with its multi-billion dollar Epogen drug that is under Congressional scrutiny

— A three-fold rise in drug prices due to bipartisan help from politicians, and condemnation of Canadian pharmacies that offered lower prices for the same products. Congress forbids Medicare to purchase drugs on a bid basis.

— The misdirection of health funds to fight bird flu, which poses no threat to humanity and a remote risk of mutating into a pathogenic virus strain.

— Political unwillingness to conduct health screenings among immigrants entering the U.S., which has given rise to the spread of tuberculosis, whooping cough and hepatitis throughout the country.

  • Citizens are at grave risk for the spread of XDR-TB (extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis) which will defeat all existing antibiotic therapy regimens. This form of TB poses a greater risk for a pandemic than the bird flu.

— The continued transfer of pathogenic bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella, etc.) to humans from contaminated foods (spinach, Taco Bell, etc.) as a result of grain feeding rather than grass feeding of domestic animals.

  • Grain-fed feedlot animals have 100 times the bacterial count compared to pasture-fed animals). Grain-feeding of animals also spawns a hidden paratuberculosis epidemic (2.5% of milk cartons are contaminated with this bacterium) that results in thousands of cases of Crohn’s disease and colitis, as well as subsequent cancer. Grass feeding produces an acidic digestive tract that kills bacteria that animals eat. Grain feeding produces an alkaline digestive tract that is not protective against bacteria. This problem gives rise to the over-use of antibiotics and the notable rise in antibiotic resistance.

— Misdirection by the National Cancer Institute to promote nanotechnology to cure cancer, which is unproven and years away from ever being realized, when the fortification of foods with vitamin D would cause cancer rates to drop by 30—50%.

— The continued recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control that Americans receive flu shots when there is not sufficient evidence of effectiveness, particularly among the most at-risk groups (small children and senior Americans).

  • The Centers for Disease Control continues to use false data claiming 36,000 Americans die from influenza annually, when the real figure is far lower.

— The proposed mandate that young girls be inoculated with an unproven vaccine against two common strains of the papilloma virus which can cause cervical cancer, when it is likely that multiple sexual contacts will result in infection from less-common strains of papilloma virus, thus negating any alleged protection by the vaccine against cervical cancer.

  • Consumption of folic acid and vitamin C supplements affords women protection against all 16 strains of the papilloma virus, which is superior to the vaccine.

— The insistence by medical authorities that high-dose vitamin E may slightly increase mortality rates when virtually all Americans except those who take vitamin E supplements are deficient in this vitamin.

  • Daily intake of vitamin E from the diet is around 9—11 milligrams while recommended intake is 15 milligrams.

— The continued assertion that cholesterol is the primary cause of coronary artery disease when more than half of all heart attacks occur to people who have normal to low circulating cholesterol levels.

  • If 100 adults take a statin cholesterol-lowering drug for 10 years, 3 will avert a heart attack, but not a mortal heart attack. Mortality rates will remain the same.

— The shunning of evidence that oral vitamin C can achieve 3 times higher blood concentration than previously thought. The news press refuses to publish this fact.

  • Misinformation about vitamin C has caused the public to back away from higher doses which would prevent cataracts, gallstones, arterial disease, aneurysms, strokes and peripheral artery disease.

— 2500 unexplained crib deaths every year coupled with the failure to recognize that a mattress-wrapping campaign in New Zealand has virtually eradicated Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). For over 10 years there has not been one crib death recorded on wrapped mattresses.

  • Forensic doctor James Sprott of New Zealand theorized toxic gases emanate from baby crib mattresses as urine or other fluids mix with fire retardants and/or mold to create invisible gas that is lethal to young infants. Only when advice was given to lay babies on their backs (mouth away from the mattress) did the SIDS rate drop. Dr. Sprott started the mattress wrapping campaign.

— Over-vaccination of young children. By age 2 years a young American child will have been subjected to 23 inoculations. Some children are inappropriately given vaccines during a sick-visit to the doctor’s office. Very young infants simply do not have a developed immune system that will create sufficient antibodies following vaccination.

  • Veterinarians are backing away from routine vaccinations in pets after noticing health problems in the animals.

— The rise of autism with no other proposed cause than mercury toxicity from vaccines or over-use of antibiotics.

  • The Amish don’t vaccinate their children and experience virtually no autism.

— The continued rise in antibiotic resistance, with no recognition that natural antibiotics (allicin from garlic, carvacrol from oregano, oleuropein from olive leaf, allspice) have been shown to kill a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria without inducing germ resistance.

— The continued use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to treat cancer when 70% of all cases involve solid tumors that chemotherapy and radiation therapy cannot penetrate. Chemotherapy is only initially effective till drug-resistance sets in.

— The false assertion that cancer screening (mammograms, PSA tests, colonoscopies) prolongs the life of cancer patients, when all these tests do is detect cancer at an earlier date, which makes it falsely appear cancer patients are living longer. Most cancer patients still die on the same calendar date regardless of screening or treatment.

— The continued promotion of new gene-targeted cancer drugs (Gleevec, Erbitux, Herceptin) that only add a few months to a cancer patient’s life at great cost (as much as $10,000 a month).