Memo to Michael Moore

Hi Michael,

Recently, I noticed that you’re asking your readers to submit their "Health Care Horror Stories” via your website

Thank you for asking and thank you for your concern. Here is my story…

For the most part I’m a healthy person who works hard, saves his money and has been essentially self-sufficient since the age of 19. Remarkably however, I am unable to afford healthcare coverage and have recently discovered the reason why. For some strange reason, it appears that there are vast numbers of people in this country, people like yourself, who continue to promote and pursue government healthcare solutions instead of demanding and using the only proven method of delivering healthcare, a system known as Free Market Medicine.

In the recent past, nearly everyone in this country could afford healthcare for themselves and for their families. Furthermore, those who could not manage to pay their modest hospital bill or doctor’s fee would often seek and receive financial help from their family, friends, a private charity or perhaps the church. When necessary, the doctor would simply donate his or her time. The beauty of the system was that somehow nearly everyone got what they needed and at a cost that they could afford. And best of all, this healthy balance was achieved without government regulation and without its close companion, high taxes. These were the days when your local doctor would make a house call to anyone in need. But guess what? Those days are long gone. And the important question is: WHY? The evidence clearly shows that the federal government has stepped in and driven up the cost of nearly every healthcare product and service including house calls. The only reason you can still afford a house call, Michael, is because you’re a millionaire. But what about the rest of us? Why can’t we afford them? Why can’t we walk into a pharmacy and buy life-saving and life-improving medicine without a government mandated prescription? Why does it cost nearly a quarter million dollars to become a doctor? And why does it cost a company nearly 900 million dollars and about 10 years to get a single new drug or treatment to the people who need it? The answer to each of these questions is clear. The culprit is government intervention into a once free and open marketplace.

By the way, why do you keep telling people how wonderful Canada’s healthcare system is? Talk about horror stories! For a quick dose of reality, I would recommend that you take two of these ( Extra Strength Tablet 1 & Extra Strength Tablet 2 ) and call me in the morning.*

The truth is, the US healthcare system, like that of many other countries, is already largely controlled by the government through its insane regulations and its deadly FDA. So you see, you already have what you’re asking for; a government-run healthcare system, one that simply doesn’t work for millions of people. And yet, along with Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean and the entire state of Massachusetts for example, you’re asking for even MORE government control. And for what? To make things worse?

The evidence is overwhelming: Our so-called "public servants" have regulated the healthcare industry to death, literally. Need more proof? Well, we can all learn a lot by listening to Dr. Mary Ruwart. She’s taken the time to explain the key points in a very simple and verifiable way. Her website explains how the unnecessary delay of a single drug can lead to the death of tens of thousands of people. There are also lots of excellent articles on the subject freely available via most search engines and policy research sites.

In conclusion: Please educate yourself before you make the huge mistake of using your impressive film-making talents to mindlessly promote a healthcare "dream" which is doomed to fail and which will undoubtedly lead to the unnecessary death and suffering of countless individuals, which by the way, would make you (Michael Moore) no different than your arch enemy George W. Bush. That’s right, "the awful truth" is that government healthcare is as deadly as any war. It has and will continue to KILL many more people than it will ever save. So please, STOP promoting your dangerous "solution" to healthcare and start embracing the only system that has ever worked to the benefit of both patients and providers alike. It’s a system known as Free Market Medicine. Learn it, love it and start promoting it.

Thank you. Larry McElhinney

*This statement has NOT yet been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

June 12, 2006

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