The Canadian Terrorism Circus

Writer’s Notebook

by Eric Margolis by Eric Margolis

The three Muslims prisoners who killed themselves this weekend in George Bush’s tropical gulag at Guantanamo renewed world attention on this despicable violation of human rights and American values. It would be rewarding seeing some of the neo-fascists who cooked up the Iraq War sent to cool their heels there, including the idiot San Diego Congressman who claimed prisoners were very lucky to be there since "they never had such good food in their lives…they even get chicken." 

But the prize for idiocy and stupidity goes to Rear Ad. Harry Harris who dismissed the suicides — a frightful sin in Islam — as being "an act of war against us." Right you are, Harry, never trust any of those sneaky Muslims!" Ever wonder how Germans could cheerfully justify their WWII concentration camps? Just as Admiral Harry and the Pentagon.

Just when we thought things could not get worse abroad, along comes ret. Captain and Senator John McCain who is urging the US to send more troops to Iraq. Obviously, he learned nothing from Vietnam — this from the man who would be president.

This week, court proceedings in Canada will begin for 17 young Muslims arrested last week and charged with a dazzling series of plots and crimes, including, it seems, blowing up Parliament in Ottawa, kidnapping and beheading the prime minister, and bombing major public buildings in downtown Toronto. These nefarious plots were all hatched in the wide open on the internet, where police and spooks were watching.

 Rather than "Canada’s 9/11," as it has been billed by the hysterical press, it all sounds like a bunch of amateurish, would-be Muslim Rambos who got carried away in on-line chat rooms with fantasy jive-talk, and were likely egged on by a police agent provocateur to order ammonium nitrate to make a bomb. The whole thing reeks to high heaven and was likely a piece of political theater designed to show know-nothing US Congressional Republicans, who have been screaming that Canada is a nest of al-Qaida terrorists, that concrete action is being taken. More to follow, stay tuned. 

In the remote 1950’s, the big scare was "Reds Under Our Beds!"
Today, it’s "Muslims Under Our Matresses!"