100% Control for 6.5% Funding

We are selling the souls and minds of our children, and the future of our country, for 6.5 cents on the dollar! The federal government pays only a few cents of each dollar needed to fund public schools, yet a large percentage of school expenses have been forced upon local districts by federal mandates to test, consolidate, and adhere to innumerable laws, including ADA and IDEA…laws, laws, laws, most illegal and harmful to the interests of States’ Rights, and to the citizens of each state.

Now consider the other side of this ‘balance’ sheet. With the addition of this most recent No Child Left Behind ‘education’ law, and all of its destructive ramifications, contingencies and attached strings, the federal government now holds 90% of the control over the schools. THINK ABOUT IT — 90% control in exchange for 6.5 cents on the dollar. Are you agreeable to such terms? You should not be. Every American should challenge this travesty; this violation of the Constitution and of the rights of the People.

Why have we allowed the federal government to illegally worm its way into our lives; into our local decisions regarding curriculum and teaching methods? Why do we allow this federal Blob to absorb the states, and then control how we, the people of supposedly free and independent states, educate our children?

What have we been thinking? Have we been thinking? Is the almighty federal dollar (our own money, returned to us after being inflated, laundered, then shrunken) so valuable that we should compromise our integrity and sell our children for 6.5 cents on the dollar? Few people would permit such power over their pets, so why do they allow it over their children?

The feds have pulled a fast one on us, and to understand the deviousness behind this federal curriculum, which is actually a plan, a plot, to ‘reshape human resources for a global worldview and future,’ read Steven Yates’ review of FedEd: The New Federal Curriculum and How it’s Enforced, the book written by Allen Quist. Consider purchasing the book and joining the Maple River Education Coalition in their efforts to throw the federal government, and its harmful curriculum, out of states.

The federal curriculum, with its mandates to reshape perceptions and loyalties, is a stage show with Fabian socialism disguised as ‘academics’; the shaping of attitudes disguised as ‘knowledge’; the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment, disguised as ugly, damaged antiques, headed for the incinerator. Beware of this wolf, clothed, as it is, in comforting, American-sounding terminology — “a core curriculum of civics and government.”

The FedEd curriculum’s purpose is definitely not to teach our children how to be literate, knowledgeable, responsible citizens, willing to defend the Constitution. On the contrary, FedEd orchestrates the last movement in the dissolution of national sovereignty, and mandates the final takeover of our children, and their thought processes. Fabian ‘civics and government’ will be taught in every mislabeled and misleading subject; in every classroom; in every school. For too long, we have been blinded with wool pulled over our eyes, but the time has come to expose the evil and take back our birthrights, our schools and the lives of our children.

Normally, when parents discuss their frustrations regarding the federal takeover of the public schools, and possibly dream of ‘tar, feathers, and rails,’ the issue of ‘financing’ rears its threatening head, and the dreams vaporize. We have erroneously been lead to believe — we have been repeatedly told until we are basically convinced — that local schools could not possibly survive without federal money. What a shell game! We can manage without the 6.5 cents, for we need not send it to the federal government in the first place! We have been mis-led and mis-educated on this, as on most school-related issues.

We are capable of supporting local schools without federal money, and we can, in fact, do it far more efficiently and effectively. With decisions made locally, we can return to teaching reading, math, history, knowledge, and government. With decisions made locally, we can educate future generations capable of appreciating and guarding the essence of America, hard won by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers.

Working at local levels, we can make better curricular decisions, and we can educate children at less expense. We can cancel busing; reopen rural schoolhouses; limit the size of town schools; accept no decision made at any level above the local, taxpayer-monitored, school board. With local education, we can bring our children back to our neighborhood schools and let them again walk to school, maybe even walk home for lunch, as so many of us once did. Truly, children will be better prepared for life if they are raised within their neighborhoods and taught the wisdom and the history of the ages. Truly, children can be happily educated in small schools, and actually blossom without those new ABC’s — Athletics, Band and Cheerleading.

Form groups to pressure public officials, at all levels, to stop the federal takeover of the states, and to return school decision-making, and supervision, to the local citizenry. Challenge every official and every agency to revise budgets to accommodate the loss of the 6.5-cent federal pittance. Insist that every agency in the state curtail unnecessary expenses, and that every unnecessary agency be closed forever. Insist that local school boards never again accept anything — money or mandates — from the feds, and monitor officials closely to be sure that they do, actually, end federal involvement in schooling, forever.

Send the feds away, and bring your children home. Children should be raised by a local village of neighbors, friends and family, rather than by ‘a global village’ — (foolish, irrational term that that is). Never allow yourself to forget that ‘federal monies’ are only your own tax payments, reduced by the costs involved in supporting the federal wolves, then returned to you under the pretense of a gift!

Recall Hitler’s calm reminders to his challengers — that older citizens will pass on, leaving children who know little but the propaganda taught in state schools. Our children do not deserve the future that is quickly being ushered in by the lure of federal cents, and the mandates of federal curriculum. Think about it.