State Run by Fools

The more I hear of the deadly dumb decisions made by FEMA and other government agencies while the people of New Orleans dehydrated, starved, died and were treated in ways not seen since Hitler loaded boxcars, I hope, pray and beg that the American people will finally, and loudly, ask questions, and demand immediate answers. I have lots of questions, and the rest of the populace should have them, too.

My first question is…what in the heck has happened to military time?? Who forgot to call out, “Gentleman, set your watches!”? Is our planet passing through some very strange and disorienting time warp? One has to wonder when, instead of the military and government emergency agencies speaking with terms like “0400 hours,” we hear, “Seven thousand additional troops will arrive in a day or so.

In a day or so“? The people have been in dire circumstances for a week now! “In a day or so“? What kind of military time is that? I am glad that The Dirty Dozen did not have to conduct their precision mission at the mercy of that kind of vague, buy-some-time planning.

“Gentleman, set your watches to…’a day or so’, then mosey into the German compound whenever you get around to it. If you happen to note that I am about to be shot, try to give me some cover. If some of you other guys happen to access gasoline before some of the other guys manage to handle the crowd, not to worry. BUT…be sure that you prepare many excuses in advance of arrival back at HQ — that is IF you get out alive. Good luck, men.”

When the State leaders cannot define military objectives and plans in a precise fashion, the time has indeed come to disband all standing armies and return to the use of state militias totally out-from-under any and all federal controls. I would rather depend on a few ready-teddy good ole local boys hiding behind rocks and trees than upon thousands in uniform who might show up “in a day or so.”

Another question I have is…how is it possible that one lone citizen proved to be more intelligent, more capable, and more astute than all of those officials who have been planning and practicing for handling emergencies since long before Y2K? Tens of thousands of people were stranded in a dangerous situation and needed to be bussed somewhere/ elsewhere/ anywhere.

While the officials in DC sat around with their thumbs up their proverbial behinds, one astute and caring fellow went to a school yard, found the keys for a bright yellow school bus, and drove around collecting people until the bus was full. Once the bus was full, he drove to Houston.

I heard the brave and sensible man interviewed and it was apparent that he had never been through any FEMA or DHS training; never been through any staged pretend emergency evacuations like those that frighten school children into bad dreams for life; never practiced with some white UN bus. The man simply considered the fact that people needed to be transported and realized that a bus is a great vehicle for carrying a large number of people.

Why did local, state and federal authorities fail to display such wisdom?? There are school busses parked all over this nation, (unfortunately for those of us who hate consolidation) which should have been put into immediate use!! I would certainly prefer that those busses be used to save lives than to drag children to consolidated public schools around the country.

That gentleman admitted that he had never driven a school bus, but he managed to do it. Those fancy FEMA people could learn, also. The gentleman wisely ignored protocol. He did not bother to contact the school board and ask permission. He simply found the bus office, got the keys, and started collecting then transporting persons-in-need. In those first days after the storm, we should have seen brightly colored yellow school busses running in and out of New Orleans getting 60—80 people at a time to safety.

We didn’t see that because our State has become a very dangerous amoeba lacking Intelligent Design.

I will begin the attack by asking these very pertinent questions. I hope that each of you will ask your own questions. Ask them clearly and loudly so that DC can hear. Send a printed copy for those without ears to hear and/or brains to comprehend.

If our officials in DC cannot or will not answer our questions, then they need to step aside and make way for people like the brave man who quickly concluded that busses can carry people, and that schools have lots of busses, then acted to do something that would save lives.

I will follow a gentleman like the instant-bus-driver any day, but I have absolutely no faith or interest in following Bush & Company for they only drag us into ever deeper and more dangerous quagmires.

Get out of the way Bush!! Come on home, National Guard!! Your families and neighbors need you here in America, where you belong. With your support and assistance, local people can do the rest.

We lost our government long ago, as its position was usurped by the Amoeba-State. Read Our Enemy, The State by Albert Jay Nock so you will understand. Help us lead our individual states Back to the Future, but let us indeed make changes back then that will prevent a repeat of this present and dangerous farce that, without radical and immediate change, will destroy all freedoms for the future.