• Are People Sheep?

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    is a great country, but the social democratic politics can sometimes
    be too much to bear. The latest example of their "brilliant"
    ideas is when Morgan Johansson, minister of public health and social
    services, suggested on television that government has a right to
    forcefully seize your children if they are too obese. "I want
    to go home to my mommy!", "I'm sorry Erik, but you can't
    see her until you stop eating candy."

    really demonstrates that government is seen as the solution to all
    problems, while ordinary citizens are regarded as mindless sheep.
    Some children are obese? Obviously their parents cannot be trusted
    to take care of them. Besides, respected scholars such as Morgan
    Spurlock and Michael Moore have clearly demonstrated that nobody
    should eat fast food or be overweight.

    is the solution? As always we can "solve" the problem
    by giving more power to politicians. A machinery of government bureaucrats
    should be better suited to take care of children rather than their
    loving parents.

    might sound absurd, but Swedish social democrats have for many years
    distrusted parents to raise their own children, as the family is
    regarded as an ineffective and conservative institution. Until the
    1970s, politicians even decided who was fit to bear children and
    who wasn't. Some 60 000 Swedish citizens were forcefully (and
    secretly) sterilized for having such disastrous handicaps as dyslexia.

    cornerstone of social democrat ideology is the belief that political
    decision can create a better society at every level, including regulating
    how families function. This idea is called "social engineering"
    and can be traced back to the 1930s, when Sweden as the first country
    in the world created a race biological institute.

    engineering is once again on the rise, as people’s diets are made
    into a political concern and radical feminists demand that boys
    and girls be raised in exactly the same manner. In the US, the left
    is trying to put the same issues on the political agenda. In fact
    the "intellectuals" that give support to radical feminists
    and advocates of government regulation of our health are mostly
    found in American universities.

    of individual liberty in the US should be aware of the dangers of
    social engineering. As the European welfare states are in deep crisis,
    the left must find new arguments for increasing government influence.
    When they fail in the economical debate, they will try to regulate
    our private lives.

    30, 2005

    Sanandaji [send him mail]
    president of the Swedish think tank Captus and the editor of Captus
    . He has been admitted to graduate studies in biochemistry
    at the University of Cambridge.

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