Escape From Iraq!

A family fun game for 1 to 140,000 players!

You are a down and out-of-your-luck grunt stuck somewhere deep inside of Iraq.

You can’t speak the language; of course you can’t read the road signs. The general populace hates your guts and could care less if you were shake and baking in the desert sun or barbecuing in a burning Humvee.

Your C-in-C has lost what little mind he had long ago. And now he consults Quija boards as to his next course of action. Let’s face it: You are up deep doo-doo creek…. Well, you would be, but there ain’t a drop of water for miles around. You only have a few days to get out of town. What do you do?


Your mission is to get yourself out of Iraq — if you can. First player to follow the circle and reach Baghdad Airport in one piece is the winner.


  1. Start by placing your marker anywhere inside of the large red circle on the board.
  2. Roll the dice and move as many places as you wish…….. Hell, it won’t matter.

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™2004 Mike (In Tokyo) Rogers Games

~ Special thanks to Reggie Bates