The State Is a Pervert

For some strange reason, even in matters of sexuality, government feels compelled to pontificate, remonstrate and legislate. From the local to the state to the federal, politicians and bureaucrats think they know best about sex.

The utter failure of public-school sex education, and millions of little bastards running thither and yon in state-subsidized day care centers, invites the conclusion that government and sex don't mix.

Yet hope springs eternal that illegitimate, immoral and nakedly unconstitutional government programs can "work."

Two Examples

Repeated sex surveys of middle- and high-schoolers are but one example, and last year, Fairfax County, Va., took a carnal inventory of select students.

Government sexologists expected students to answer questions that were not only impertinent and unnecessary but also egregiously offensive. The survey was an outrage against innocent children and their parents.

The questions came from the federal Centers for Disease Control, then Fairfax added two about oral sex.

Among the inquiries were, "How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time?" Another: "During your life, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?" A third: "The last time you had sexual intercourse, did you or your partner use a condom?" And finally: "Have you ever participated in oral sex."

This is government run amok, and the appropriate answer to any educrat asking such questions is this: You can ask my daughter if I can ask your mother.

For a better perspective, ask this: What kind of pervert wants to know?

Government is obsessed with sex, and not just here in America. Hence, example No. 2: Government is also obsessed with sex in Africa, China, Asia, and for all we know, among the pagan headhunters in New Guinea.

Every year, the federal government spends millions shipping condoms, birth control pills and other contraceptives overseas. Again, no one ever asks where the Constitution authorizes such expenditures, and no one seems to care about it. And that includes the alleged Catholics in Congress who vote for this "foreign aid."

Not surprisingly, Americans in the hinterland hear little if anything about it, although they might pretend to know if you ask. No one wants to look stupid.

If they do know, they don't likely comprehend the magnitude of these programs.

Monstrous Malevolence

A government that frets about "sex education," that asks your 13-year-old boy about his "sex life," or walks up to a peasant African woman and tells her she needs the pill, is a government that will do anything.

What does that mean? Think about it this way:

A government asserting a "right" to ask about your teenage daughter's "sex life" will also to tell her she has "right" to procure an abortion with its permission but not yours. And then it will assert the "right" to throw you in jail if you try to stop it.

This is precisely what our government does, which proves that government, from the halls of Congress to the wilds of Africa, from the cubicles at CDC to the elementary school classroom, is the enemy.

Indeed, calling it government is much too flattering. A legitimate custodian of the public weal knows its place. This invasive lechery goes by one name:


June 4, 2003

Syndicated columnist R. Cort Kirkwood [send him mail] is managing editor of the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg, Va.

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