'If Only the Führer Knew...'

In 1944 the young German fighters in the panzer divisions knew perfectly well that fighting under the guns of the Allied fleet in Normandy was madness. On the Ost Front they were equally aware that the order to “hold at all costs” was grinding their elite units into dust and robbing them of their unquestioned advantage, tactical flexibility. However, their faith in Adolf Hitler remained undiminished – they blamed these suicidal orders on the high command, on the regular army generals, and repeated this slogan to each other, “If only the Führer knew…” American conservatives are much like that. They are quite aware that the United States government is working actively against the best interests of the people of this country. The failure to defend our borders, the draconian and unconstitutional assault on our God-given right of self defense, the mass murders of the unborn, the transformation of the public school system into left wing indoctrination centers – conservatives are aware of these things. But there exists this huge disconnect – constantly one hears the same mantra, “Don’t worry, the adults are in charge now.” If they had but eyes to see they would see that it wasn’t liberals who recently announced a plan to send fifteen billion extorted dollars to Africa, ostensibly to fight the AIDS epidemic that is depopulating a continent. It wasn’t the liberals who declared, “Islam is a religion of peace,” ignoring history and common sense. It wasn’t the liberals who tried to sneak through a general amnesty for illegal aliens and who failed to take any action whatsoever to protect the unborn or the Second Amendment. And it is certainly not Al Gore who has dreamed up this horrific plan of attack against a third-rate country in the Middle East, claiming that we will not forget 911, an action in which Iraq had no part. As Josef Goebbels and Adolf Hitler were well aware, a big lie works best. I’m astounded when “conservatives” call me a wimp and a communist because I refuse to face up to the imagined threat posed by Sadaam Hussein. Well guys, it wasn’t Sadaam Hussein who used tanks to kill Americans in Waco! You can take this to the bank – I’m against their wars of aggression, their war on some drugs, and their attack on our right to own weapons – how this is un-American eludes me. I’ve got George Washington and all the founders on my side. None of whom were wimps or communists! Of course, I’m often reminded that this business of a Constitutional Republic was decided on the battlefield, in the “late unpleasantness” as they daintily refer to the destruction of the South by government mercenaries. Then why do we pretend to honor the history of this very same Constitutional Republic? Answer: we do not. These same conservatives who cheer lustily whenever Señor Bush shows his face must not be aware that he cooked up a deal with Ted Kennedy to radically increase the budget of the Department of Education, which determines what will be taught in the public schools. Hint: they won’t be talking much about George Washington; you can count on that. Francis Marion, Nathaniel Green, Light Horse Harry Lee, and those pesky French are given short shrift in school these days. Just dead white males. Let’s Roll eh? It makes me physically ill when I hear a “conservative” crack jokes about drug pushers being sent to jail where they will encounter homosexual rape and other horrors which make our prisons so disgustingly bad that we owe an apology to the Inquisition. Yet these same folks deplore the Nazis who after all, were only acting against “Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, political undesirables and other anti-social elements.” They had it coming right? Rule of law? Naw, too complicated to fit in a slogan. Constitution? So what? To paraphrase Hitler, that is nothing but “…a scrap of paper.” And the Führer knows all about that… You can always tell when you are getting close to what soldiers call the “op area.” There is a stink of putrefaction, burnt powder and charred vegetation. It is the stink of war. It’s probably my imagination but I seem to smell that dreadful stench again – like a hint of the devil’s own cologne, as the war madness spreads and the propaganda machine goes into overdrive. Even among those who support this coming war I hear the same fears that I’m expressing. That this is going to be more than we bargained for – that we are on the brink of 1914, again. Remember Clinton’s crazed assault on Serbian Christians with all the poorly constructed atrocity tales devised to whip us into a murderous frenzy in support of his drug running Al Queda buddies in Kosovo. As many of us predicted, it has led to the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs from that area, the burning or destruction of some four thousand Christian churches and a major step forward in realizing the goal of a “greater Albania,” however oxymoronic that may sound to civilized folks. “If only the Führer knew?” Well, last I looked Señor Bush has failed to pull so much as one soldier out of the Balkans since he took office two years ago. This despite his public performances where he routinely talks of tracking down Al Queda and wiping them out. He certainly would not have to look far if that really was his purpose – they are right there in Kosovo, laughing at us. It was hard to miss the sounds of silence emanating from the caring and nurturing antiwar alliances of the left – those who claim to simply want an “…end to war and racism,” because in their opinion no war ever solves anything. Unless, one assumes, that war is directed against Christians or former allies of the United States. I wonder why they can’t make up their minds about this latest foray into madness? After all, there are Christians in Baghdad – we can at least kill them… The process of deconstruction usually proceeds at a faster pace when the Marxists control the “smart bombs.” Or so I thought – I should have known from then-candidate Bush’s reticence on the issue that he was unlikely to take a principled stand on wars of aggression. Events have proven that Bush’s thirst for blood not only exceeds Billy Jeff’s but there is that added down side that he is more focused – no Monica to distract ole Dubya while he yaks on the phone with his generals. Isn’t it interesting that both these two groups work so well together? The Left might be said to include the Democratic Party, the Teacher’s Unions, Big Media, the Socialist Workers Party and all the various front groups behind which they hide. You can identify them easily – they want more laws, higher taxes, a ban on private gun ownership (big one for them) and they blather constantly about the wonders of murdering unborn children and openly endorse sexual depravity. They scorn the religion of Christ. How this differs from communism eludes me. How this differs from the Republicans is the real question. Let’s see how that works. The Neo-Conservatives, who are the vanguard of the Republican Party these days, are for tax cuts, yet want greatly increased government spending. Don’t worry about where the bucks are coming from tough guy – we’ll just print it up! They claim to believe in smaller government but endorse monstrosities like Homeland Security and the Education Department. They are for gun rights they claim, yet call for more enforcement of blatantly unconstitutional gun laws. If you doubt my word how do you explain their assistance to statist icons like the now legendary Chief Moose in his post-sniper assault on gun owners in Maryland – even supplying manpower in the form of goons from the BATF and FBI in their trendy SWAT costumes. I guess ole Moose assumes that if they arrest enough decent citizens they’ll eventually catch those white militia types he remains convinced are behind the sniper shootings. Everything you ever wanted to know about affirmative action is there in Chief Moose – incompetence, racism and a loving relationship with the central government. “If only the Führer Knew”, eh? Unless he somehow missed it, I’d guess that it is very unlikely that he was unaware of this. Should freedom-loving Americans trust this man? You be the judge. Have you noticed that our health care systems continue to get worse? My doctor informed me recently that government agents arrived at his office unannounced to demand that he shell out thirty grand for a new government mandated bank / insurance company setup that is not optional and then had the audacity to charge him for their visit. Health care is deteriorating rapidly and more government intrusion is exactly not what the doctor ordered! Are the adults really in charge or is Bush nothing but Hillary Clinton in drag? The Neo-Cons have until recently pretended (at least to their conservative base) to stand for the rights of unborn Americans but now even the pretence is gone. It remains possible that they will throw a bone to decency by eliminating that “special procedure” (as the government media hacks call it) that pro lifers refer to accurately as partial birth abortion. Don’t hold your breath though – it was promised for January of this year. Meantime the babies are still getting their little heads broken by vicious beasts in doctor suits. Sexual depravity? Sure, if it votes Republican. After all, it is not the government’s job to monitor what goes on in our bedrooms. Unless it is something they don’t like of course. Just don’t take a pistol to your next S/M session. The beloved leader of the Neo-Cons, Señor Bush, has put together a track record that makes Jimmy Carter look like a statesmen. He has managed to alienate our European allies, destroy an already shaky accord with Russia (second most nuclear-armed power in the world by the way), increased government spending to levels that have the Democrats gasping with delight, increased the size and power of government to dictatorial levels and has presided over the worst economic downturn since the late seventies. With millions of Americans unemployed he has steadfastly refused to guard our borders against illegal migrant labor, all the while pretending that we are involved in some stupendous war against shadowy terrorists. The airline industry is reeling and many Americans (including this writer) simply refuse to fly rather than be subjected to arrest by the morons “guarding” our airports against some non-specific threat that apparently includes Medal of Honor recipients and Granny. A threat that goes unnoticed on the southern border where sinister Arabic figures are an increasingly large percentage of the “visitors” he stubbornly refuses to crack down upon. Meantime, back at the OK Corral he has managed to get us into pending conflicts on two separate continents, both of which may go nuclear (if you are naïve enough to take his word about Iraq). And of course he is managing to ignore Korea, the truly dangerous situation to focus on bringing democracy to a region that doesn’t want it and won’t tolerate democracy imposed upon it. The one area where democracy has been successfully imposed upon people who didn’t want it, by force of arms of course, is the United States of America, an erstwhile Constitutional Republic. Yessir, the adults are in charge all right. It gets even weirder: minus the few hundred thousand outright kooks who rejoice in “takin’ it to the streets,” most of the left wing socialist types are quite as warlike as their supposed enemies on the Neo-Conservative right. That this is confusing strikes me as deliberate – both sides wage their ideological wars with slogans rather than facts – us plebian types can choose the slogan we prefer and thus pretend that we have some sort of association with other folks who chose that slogan and at least get a little kick out having a place in the pack. All others are shouted down as un-American from the right and “racist” from the left. Since both slogans mean the same thing this is the best of all worlds for the enemies of freedom. And mark this very carefully – both sides are enemies of freedom. Like Adolf Hitler before him, Señor Bush is betraying his supporters left, right and center, but it doesn’t seem to impact his popularity polls one bit. Similarly to Hitler, he finds it expedient to keep the populace in an uproar about various enemies who threaten all that is good. To fight them, we must become more like them. Didn’t we try that in the Cold War? We ended up becoming our enemies, fulfilling Khrushchev’s prophecy that he would bury us. You have only to compare individual freedom in America before the Cold War to what little we have left today. Dare we risk trying this again? How is it that folks who proudly proclaim their patriotism cannot see these things? Or is it that they simply will not see them. It certainly feels better to believe that things are just fine in good ole America. Yet things are most certainly not fine, this much is obvious. Collectivists who wish us to be a member of the group rather than a hardheaded bunch of individualists, who coincidently happen to be harder to govern, rule over us both in the bureaucracies and the un-elected branches of government. When we are a collective, issues like rule of law are moot. The folks in charge, rule. Compassionately they claim, but history shows no instance of collectivist governments ruling with anything but an iron fist. “If only the Führer knew…?” Are we not smarter than heavily indoctrinated seventeen-year-old Nazi conscripts? I have my doubts. How can we give those people even more power than they already have, and claim that we are patriots? Supporting this war is a way of voting more power to the government. Remember, these guys are not defending America. If they were, our borders would not be wide open. It really is that simple. When we still had a sizable plurality of people who believed in the concept of rule of law, rather than rule by men, we had an America where kids took guns to school but never shot anyone; where cops where your friends. An America that enjoyed commerce with all selling our own products in a wonderful reversal of our current role as the world’s butler and arms producer – “Do you want fries with that Mr. Abdullah?” Finally, and perhaps most importantly, an America with no entangling military alliances. That final statement, as “un-American and racist” as it may sound, was another of those controversial ideas put forth by a Mr. G. Washington, someone about whom our modern generation could care less. That America is gone, dead and buried. It contracted a fatal disease during the Second Secession War and eventually that malady proved fatal.

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