Be A Lady, and Be Proud Of It!

Feminism has gone too far – and I began to realize it on jury duty.

While on jury duty I was absorbed in a romance novel to pass the time away. It wasn’t until the Judge started his speech (that I had heard 10 times before) on the importance of jury duty that I noticed something. There were quite a few women that were standing. It then hit me that the days of being treated like a lady were truly coming to an end. (I began to feel guilty myself – should I take a chance on making the judge mad to give up a seat to a woman older than I?)

We now have total equality, get to work outside the home (while someone else cares for our children), we can get shot down combat, and we are lucky if doors don t swing into our faces. Our husbands think that we ought to be able to take care of things that they used to take care of without them even thinking about it. (There are so many things that I could list, but it would take too long.) This is all in the name of equality.

We wonder why our husband doesn’t treat us like the romantic, fragile person that we are – why should he if we are equal? It is rare to see a little girl that is actually feminine and not a tomboy. (I believe that we are being taken over by tomboys.) Girls are taught that we can play the same games and beat any old boy out there. We are not all the same. We are different. Guys, generally, are going to be physically stronger. They are not as emotional as women are. Men and women are made differently for so many wonderful reasons. We are made to complement one another, not to fight one another in the battle of the sexes. Women obviously are better at nurturing. (After all, we are still the only ones who can give birth.) The list of differences could go on and on.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. I have a girlfriend that gets mad at a young boy because he doesn’t show her respect. Well, an act like that puts a young boy and a grown woman on the same level, does it not? Where have all of the ladies gone? I’m not saying we can’t play games and have fun, but can’t we do it with actions that don’t make a man want to treat us like one of the guys? We have to act like a lady and act respectful to reap the benefits of being treated like a lady with respect – right? I really believe that women can vote, play games, and get paid a fair wage – and still act and get treated like a lady.

Want some symbolism? I’m about ready to throw out my slacks – instead of burning my bra! Be a lady, and be proud of it! (Then, maybe the men will wake up too.)

    May 11, 2001