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What I Learned From My Political Campaign Karen Kwiatkowski is sorta glad she ran for Congress.

The Hobnail Boot of the State Stomping on your face. Karen Kwiatkowski on war.

A Cop Goes ‘Rogue’ God bless her for it, says Will Grigg.

Rebellion, Resistance, Renewal … Or war?

SOPA Fascism Karen Kwiatkowski on a proposed coup d’etat.

2012 Will Be a Bad Year for Rats Technocrats, bureaucrats, kleptocrats.

Hate Merchant Bam! Pow! Karen Kwiatkowski takes him down.

All I Want for Christmas… Karen Kwiatkowski is making her list and checking it twice.

What To Give Thanks for on Thanksgiving Ron Paul, for example, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

The GOP Wants To Lose the Presidential Election Karen Kwiatkowski on how and why.

Holder’s Fast and Furious Iranian Terror Plot It won’t work, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Watching the Empires Fall Karen Kwiatkowski on the good news.

How I’ll Remember 9/11 This Year By ignoring it.

Long Knives And long noses. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.

Got Attitude? Give your children your fundamental skepticism of the regime, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

You Can Feel It in the Air The Ron Paul revolution is happening!

A Chicken Tale Karen Kwiatkowski on cutting, capping, balancing.

The Coming Federal Collapse Karen Kwiatkowski on how we will speak about that day.

Pillaging the Planet Karen Kwiatkowski on the oligarchy’s Fed-Pentagon complex.

Military Payoffs to Foreign Pols Is that the next bubble?

A Real Corner on Stupid Karen Kwiatkowski on our DC overlords.

Authoritarian Losers in Power Pentagon and CIA musical chairs.

Living Free in an Unfree World Karen Kwiatkowski on how we can live liberty, even under DC.

Smashing More Muslims to Smithereens With humanitarian bombs.

Criminal, War Criminal, and Bad Liar Karen Kwiatkowski on Rumsfeld of Portlandia.

Egypt! Karen Kwiatkowski on St. Augustine and tienne de la Botie, and why DC should be next.

The Tunisian Revolution Karen Kwiatkowski on what’s really happening, and what it presages for us.

The Neoconservative Menace Karen Kwiatkowski is interviewed by Lew Rockwell.

Police State USA Neither you nor Brad Manning have any rights.

The Proper Response to WikiLeaks Karen Kwiatkowski on fascist America.

Why Is Jonah Goldberg Still Around? Karen Kwiatkowski on the chickenhawk who wants (somebody else) to murder Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

Not Only Does the State Bring Out the Worst in Human Beings It cultivates and promotes it, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

War Is Murder Karen Kwiatkowski on the brutality of US foreign policy, right from the beginning.

Want To ‘Restore Honor’? Get rid of the standing army.

The Plague Called the Pentagon And why the feds outlaw "defense" competition.

Who’s Afraid of Bradley Manning? All the federal criminals, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Contempt of State It’s an indispensable virtue, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Psycho Politics Karen Kwiatkowski on the meaning of McChrystal.

How To Survive Under Economic Destructionism Karen Kwiatkowski on Gaza and our future.

Statism Is Better for the Environment? Don’t make Karen Kwiatkowski and Walter Block laugh.

Murder Is So Much Fun This is war, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Lies for War and Empire Karen Kwiatkowski on the CIA’s sinister Winpac.

Frum Fired? Ohhh.

We Are What We Watch Karen Kwiatkowski on Avatar and The Hurt Locker.

The Terror-Industrial Complex Karen Kwiatkowski on another cruel and criminal government joke.

Why Does Sarah Palin Want More War? She ought to read more C.S. Lewis, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Rethinking the Third Amendment It can be the path to liberty, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

I Am Excited About 2010 Americans will begin to learn the true cost of the empire, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Understanding the ‘Unserious Empire’ Karen Kwiatkowski on a conservative analysis of where we are headed.

A Hobnailed Boot on Their Throat Karen Kwiatkowski on victims of the empire.

Bring the Troops Home, Barack Afghanistan’s a success, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Is McChrystal Reading LewRockwell.com? Unlikely. Still….

Hello, Dr. Death "Health care" through central planning.

Is Being Anti-Liberty a Natural Mindset? Nope. Neocons are artificial.

Why Does This Neocon Want a Young, American POW Murdered? Karen Kwiatkowski on a warmonger’s hate.

McNamara Is Dead But his rotten example lives on.

Statue of Ex-Liberty Karen Kwiatkowski on visiting the DHS’d monument.

Dark Secrets Karen Kwiatkowski on George H.W. Bush.

The Empire’s Aggressions Karen Kwiatkowski on what Libertarians can do about it.

The Pirate Problem The feds love to tut-tut over the barbarous behavior of others.

National Security Claptrap Karen Kwiatkowski on National Security Letters as a tool of oppression.

More ‘Training’ for Afghan Shills? Or fewer euphemisms.

The Iraq Fantasy Time to wake up from it, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Rating the States Which ones are less oppressive?

Against Military Slavery Karen Kwiatkowski on the latest plot for tyranny.

American Fascism We can see its grisly face, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Mercenaries and Other ‘Heroes’ Karen Kwiatkowski on Afghanistan.

Gaza and State Intellectuals Karen Kwiatkowski on lying for foreign wars funded by coerced Americans.

Cognitive Dissonance Do Americans have it with regard to liberty?

Made-Off With Billions Karen Kwiatkowski on Ponzi schemes.

Sheer Genius in DC Karen Kwiatkowski on our rulers.

As the Empire Collapses There are opportunities for us, says Karen Kwiatkowski (video).

The Next New Deal It’s bipartisan.

The Burn Pit Karen Kwiatkowski on a poisonous microcosm of the warfare state.

Reflections on the ‘Crisis’ And how it should change our view of government.

Crazy or Liars? Karen Kwiatkowski podcast on the lying warmongers called neoconservatives.

The Joke Called the Election Karen Kwiatkowski on the welfare-warfare party vs. the warfare-welfare party.

What To Read While the Junta Consolidates Karen Kwiatkowski on The Army of the Republic.

The US Occupation of Afghanistan Odom and Bacevich are right.

It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins Karen Kwiatkowski on neocon party A vs. neocon party B.

The War Bubble Will Also Collapse And that is very good news.

War in the Caucasus Is that really the American Enterprise?

Winter Soldiering Against the State.

Will the Antiwar Movement Strangle the State? That must be its goal, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Blood and Oil Karen Kwiatkowski on a new documentary on US foreign policy.

Tolstoy’s Majority We are far more numerous than the imperialists, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Beam Me Up, Scotty Karen Kwiatkowski on the US of fantasy.

Fomenting Wars Karen Kwiatkowski on that bloody-minded Pentagon suit, Doug Feith.

The Art(ifice) of War Karen Kwiatkowski on why the war cheerleaders are losers.

Disastrous and Despicable Karen Kwiatkowski on US foreign policy in the Middle East.

War By Accident? Make that by "accident." Karen Kwiatkowski on neocon schemes.

Ron Paul and the New Revolutionaries Karen Kwiatkowski on the first book of the new era.

The State’s Language of Menace Karen Kwiatkowski on Glenn Beck’s comment about French-kissing Ron Paul.

What Bhutto’s Assassination Means to America Karen Kwiatkowski on the fruits of interventionism.

The Winter of the American Despot Karen Kwiatkowski on the ever more squirrelly Bush and Cheney.

What the Neocons Need No, not endless bloodshed.

Iraq – What Happened and Why And what to do about it.

Living in an Imperial World The republic is dead, says Karen Kwiatkowski. Stone cold dead.

Learning From Afghanistan About how to treat politicians.

Restoring the Republic With truth and fearlessness. A talk by Karen Kwiatkowski.

Will George Bush Join the Ron Paul Revolution? Karen Kwiatkowski on the Dubya Freedom Institute.

Clueless Is Roveless Karen Kwiatkowski on the future of the regime.

Breaking the State Some guidelines from Karen Kwiatkowski.

The Good News Is Everywhere For Ron Paulians, that is.

Welcome to Bush’s Iraq Each and every deadly and counterproductive day of it.

Idiocracy Karen Kwiatkowski on the last days of the Bush regime.

The Presidential Paradigm Is Shifting Finally.

How To Restore the Republic With truth and fearlessness.

Ron Paul Rocks! Karen Kwiatkowski on speaking truth to power.

Tornadoes and Government Karen Kwiatkowski on Greenburg, Kansas, the state, and us.

Hey, George A question for Tenet from Karen Kwiatkowski.

My Plans for the Vice Presidency They differ from Cheney’s, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

The Wonderful Things I Am Learning From Sean Hannity About success in Iraq, and the police state in DC.

Buried Alive In the military medical system.

Our Mad Mad Mad Vice President Speaks.

Moving to Dubai Karen Kwiatkowski on why it makes sense for Halliburton, and maybe others.

The Crimes of Feith and Cheney David Swanson interviews Karen Kwiatkowski on Iraq, Iran, and the neocon dictatorship.

The Coming War on Iran An interview with Karen Kwiatkowski.

Can a War With Iran Be Prevented? Or will King George commit mass murder again?

The War Pimp Karen Kwiatkowski on Douglas Feith.

Our Sinking Iraq Policy Karen Kwiatkowski on the deck chairs.

Cheney Is Right It’s mission accomplished, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Martyrs of the Republic Karen Kwiatkowski on Lt. Ehren Watada and more.

Making Sense of the Senseless Karen Kwiatkowski on the Bush doctrine.

Dead Men Walking Karen Kwiatkowski on the Bush regime’s foreign policy.

Hopes for 2007 May there be a new respect for reality in the Middle East, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Armageddonite Hogwash Karen Kwiatkowski on Joshua Muravchik.

Three Great Flicks Karen Kwiatkowski on movies for libertarians.

Don’t Let the Pentagon Door Hit You on the Way Out Karen Kwiatkowski on the legacy of Rumsfeld.

No Sense of Irony in the Praetorian Guards Karen Kwiatkowski on one result of Iraq.

The Death-to-Habeas-Corpus Act of 2006 But is there a slight silver lining?

The Bush Legacy? Or the modern American standard?

Cutouts and Paper Tigers And what to do about it.

The Libertarian Exemplars And a call to duty.

Are We Mice or Men? Karen Kwiatkowski on fighting the neocons.

Our Dwindling El Presidente He’s shrinking, he’s shrinking.

Rumsfeld’s Rant Karen Kwiatkowski on Rummy’s American Legion speech.

Why I Love LewRockwell.com Karen Kwiatkowski on three reasons.

Drunk on Power Karen Kwiatkowski on our rulers.

The Lame Duck of Destruction Karen Kwiatkowski on the anti-life Bush.

The Threat of Militarism Karen Kwiatkowski on endless war.

All Hail Lt. Watada Karen Kwiatkowski on saying no to government aggression.

Don’t Cheer the Supremes They’re essentially enablers of dictatorship, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

We Are All Forrest Gumps Observers of an increasingly totalitarian government.

The Rise and Fall of a ‘Great Leader’ Karen Kwiatkowski on Zarqawi.

The Haditha Massacre Karen Kwiatkowski on what may come of it.

The US Empire Is Waning And here’s one more clue, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Some Reasons I Stay Optimistic Karen Kwiatkowski on the people she talks to.

Another Bush Family Scandal Karen Kwiatkowski on the president and Page County.

Looking for a Few Good Rabbis Karen Kwiatkowski on the US Army.

‘Why We Fight’ Brian Lamb interviews Karen Kwiatkowski on the new Eugene Jareki movie.

Lowly CNN Reporter Karen Kwiatkowski likes the immigration analysis.

Our Little Nero Karen Kwiatkowski on the boy emperor.

Gradualism Is Impractical We must get out now, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Can We Fix Iraq? The only chance is by getting out, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Finally, I Understand the President Karen Kwiatkowski on a Straussian interpretation.

Imperial Collapse Karen Kwiatkowski on Bushistan.

‘Why We Fight’ Karen Kwiatkowski on Eugene Jareki’s new documentary.

Finally, I Understand the President Karen Kwiatkowski on a Straussian interpretation.

Imperial Collapse Karen Kwiatkowski on Bushistan.

A Bit of Advice Hamas, try free markets and peace, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

A Message From Kevin Benderman Karen Kwiatkowski on a prisoner of conscience in the military gulag.

The Killing Show Karen Kwiatskowski on US foreign policy.

Get Your Libertarian Kicks In 2006.

Sweet Land of Militarism Karen Kwiatkowski on The Resurgence of the Warfare State, by Robert Higgs.

Constitution, Schmonstitution Karen Kwiatkowski on Bush’s view.

Robert Kagan’s in Pain Karen Kwiatkowski is here to help.

Wishful Thinking Promoted Truth jailed. Karen Kwiatkowski on the empire.

Ten Blessings To Remember Today Political blessings, that is.

Stormin’ Norman Podhoretz, that is. Karen Kwiatkowski on his latest epistle.

What’s Happening in the Dugout? Karen Kwiatkowski on the White Sox and the Bush league.

Our Lunatic War An interview with Karen Kwiatkowski.

Our Inscrutable Iraq Policy Why we did it, what to do now, and what happens next.

Learning From ‘Casablanca’ Karen Kwiatkowski on the art of resistance.

BackPageMag.com Reports! On anti-American, traitorous, extremist, commie, insane, leftist anti-warmongerers.

I’m Your Man Karen Kwiatkowski on giving Rumsfeld the Harriet treatment.

It’s Happening The needed sea change in public opinion on foreign policy.

Thoughts on the Retirement of Douglas Feith Yea!

Like Big Government? Then you’ll love the Republicans.

Neoconservatives Will Not Back Down Because they’re crazy, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Good News on Talk Radio Karen Kwiatkowski on Gaza and Cindy.

Neither Public Nor Servants Karen Kwiatkowski on the rise of the stupid.

Sgt. Kevin Benderman Is a Hero Therefore, he is dishonorably discharged and imprisoned. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.

Texans Are Waking Up And Americans too.

Three Wise Men and an Idiot Military thinkers vs. Bush.

Neoconservatives Speechless Karen Kwiatkowski on the sudden silence.

Blowing the Whistle for FreedomKaren Kwiatkowski on Daily Kos.

There They Go Again Karen Kwiatkowski on the smearbund.

Unleashing the Resistance The American resistance. Karen Kwiatkowski on the Downing Street memorandum.

Whistleblowers in the Wind Karen Kwiatkowski on their treatment by Nixon, Clinton, Bush.

Wolf Blitzer, Government Shill Karen Kwiatkowski on another state mouthpiece in the media.

Desperately Seeking Virtue In the Bush administration.

FOX Goes Libertarian At least the show "24."

Just Say No To empire, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Blessings in Disguise Karen Kwiatkowski on the emperor’s new consul-horses.

Why I Do It Write against the leviathan, that is.

The Elephant Graveyard Karen Kwiatkowski on the decline and fall of the old conservatism.

How the Cold War Ended And how the US will join the USSR in the future.

Inaugural Gowns Ball and hospital.

One Day in the Life of Mohammed Denisovich Karen Kwiatkowski on a life sentence without trial.

Truth Is Making a Comeback It is going to be a most interesting 2005, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Whom Would Jesus Bomb? Karen Kwiatkowski on rethinking the war.

One Good Thing We’ve Done for Iraq Given them what we need: a president nobody knows.

The Emperor Has No Clothes And neither does his foreign policy.

US Stalks Iraq You always hurt the one you love.

Fallujah Burns Bright Karen Kwiatkowski on patriotism, belligerent and peaceful.

The Real Way Ahead Karen Kwiatkowski on what the regime has in mind.

Scary Nights Every day is Halloween for the regime.

Robert Higgs’s Triumph Karen Kwiatkowski on Against Leviathan.

Matching Suits, Matching Shirts, Matching Ties Karen Kwiatkowski on the presidential reprobates.

Military Shuts Up Dissenting Soldier Karen Kwiatkowski on the Pentagon persecution of Al Lorenz.

There’s an al-Qaeda Candidate Who might it be?

It Can Happen Here Karen Kwiatkowski on Sinclair Lewis and now.

Spies in the Pentagon? Karen Kwiatkowski knows them all.

The Monolatry of Pat Robertson And the babblings of Gen. Jerry Boykin.

Finally, a Movie Exposes the Neocons Karen Kwiatkowski on "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of the American Empire." Get the DVD.

All Government Is Waste But the 9/11 report stands out. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.

Genocide in Sudan? Make that petrocide.

Fasten Your Safety Belts, Fellow Citizens It’s going to be a bumpy ride, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Bush CliffsNotes Found An LRC exclusive from Karen Kwiatkowski.

Ron Paul and the Five Paulians Karen Kwiatkowski on six heroes of Washington.

The Cheney-Bush Junta And the neocon deception.

Lies of Intelligence Karen Kwiatkowski on the neocons and the CIA.

The Day We Celebrate the Overthrow of the Government Karen Kwiatkowski on July 4th and our George.

Tricky Dick and the Truth Tricky Dick Cheney, that is.

Colin Powell on the Barbie Along with US foreign policy.

The Neocons’ One-Trick Pony It’s gone lame, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Byzantium on the Potomac Karen Kwiatkowski on the crafty George Tenet.

A Salute to Heroic Soldiers Karen Kwiatkowski on three who told the truth, and exposed the crimes.

Rubin at the Bat Karen Kwiatkowski on the latest neocon to take a swing at her.

Standing By Your NRO and AEI Karen Kwiatkowski gets slimed by Michael Rubin.

Imperial Secretary of War Rumsfeld is going nowhere, and shouldn’t, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Green Eggs and Neocons Karen Kwiatkowski on Dr. Seuss and Republicans.

Defeatism Is Realism Karen Kwiatkowski on the tipping point.

The Military Industrial Complex Is a Racket Just like war.

Attention on Deck! Goebbels’ Rule 17 has been violated!

Outside the Inside Frida Berrigan interviews Karen Kwiatkowski.

Democracy Is Taking Root in Iraq God help us all, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Freedom of the Press in Iraq Freedom to agree with the occupiers.

Hyenas of DC Karen Kwiatkowski on the neo-pack that went after her.

Election Thoughts Spanish and American.

Zombies in the Pentagon Karen Kwiatkowski on the walking-dead philosophy of war and imperialism.

Flip and Flop Karen Kwiatkowski on our presidential choices.

Bush Should Listen to Hoover On foreign policy, not economics.

My Fair Rummy Isn’t neocon foreign policy loverly?

The Immorality of the War War Sol Landau interviews Karen Kwiatkowski (video).

Busting the Liars Marc Cooper interviews Karen Kwiatkowski.

Dress-Up George Karen Kwiatkowski on the Drama King of Freedom.

The Trouble With Hand-Picked Councils In Baghdad and DC.

Pontifex Whatimus? National Review anoints the head of the state religion.

Bush on the State of the Government It’s fine…and you’re not.

How To Think About Neocons And don’t you dare think otherwise.

Open Door Policy A strange thing happened on the way to war, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Bumper Stickers and Wake-Up Calls Karen Kwiatkowski on the crazy spendathon in DC.

The George Who Lost America Redux.

Ad Hominem? Karen Kwiatkowski listens to a neocon.

Power and Money Karen Kwiatkowski on the twin pillars of neoconism.

Sean, Truth Holding on Line One Karen Kwiatkowski on the talk-show torturers.

An American Tale Karen Kwiatkowski on why Saddam is a US story.

Advance Praise for ‘An End to Evil’ Karen Kwiatkowski on the Frum-Perle Plan for war and empire.

Friendly Advice From Iran We might take it, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Pentagon Neocon Coup Karen Kwiatkowski watched from the inside.

Perseverance Over Violence Unfortunately, Bush ignores Plutarch.

The Prophets of Baal Karen Kwiatkowski on the idol of Iraq.

The Neocon Military Empire An interview with Karen Kwiatkowski.

Bright Shining Lies And blistering truth. Karen Kwiatkowski on foreign policy prevarication.

Pax Americana? Or Pox Neocona?

Atomic Trolls Karen Kwiatkowski on neocon-friendly solutions to manning shortfalls in the war on terror.

Cheney’s Hawks Karen Kwiatkowski interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Put on Your Mickey Mouse Sunglasses Karen Kwiatkowski on having fun with the welterweight fascistas.

Orchards and American Integrity Karen Kwiatkowski on collective punishment by the US military.

Rough Riders Karen Kwiatkowski on crazed militaristic presidents.

Neophyte Gorge The pebbles are slipping in, and so is Dubya.

Stormy Weather for Washington Halleluiah, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Semper Fi Karen Kwiatkowski on the secret of al-Kut.

Fire the Neocons Don’t tell us to hold our fire. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.

Five Feet High and Risin’ Karen Kwiatkowski on the tide of truth vs. the neocons.

Our Master’s Voice Karen Kwiatkowski listens to George.

George Bush, Actor Don’t miss the show, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Bush Foreign Policy Made Simple And easy to fix.

For Omar Karen Kwiatkowski on why the Iraqis resist.

Dubya and His Blue Ox Karen Kwiatkowski on neocon fables.

Divided Loyalties? Karen Kwiatkowski on the attack by neocon Frank Gaffney.

Neocon Time Travel Karen Kwiatkowski on the Bush administration’s scientific breakthrough.

Occupied America Karen Kwiatkowski on the neocons.

The Neo-Pentagon Karen Kwiatkowski on the cabal that makes Clinton look good.

Truth and Consequences Karen Kwiatkowski on some good news out of DC, if not for DC.

Burning Patriotism Karen Kwiatkowski on the neocon perversion of natural virtue.

Warning Shots Karen Kwiatkowski has been firing them for some time.

Fighting Words Karen Kwiatkowski on listening to our British pal.

Plan Afghanistan And the neocons’ Iraqi regional initiative.

Rules, Regulations And maybe a little revolution.

Death Star Paul Wolfowitz: statist, warmonger, art aficionado.

The Creative Mr. Rumsfeld Karen Kwiatkowski on the secretary of war.

Junk Government Karen Kwiatkowski on public education.

Heroic Belgium Giving war criminals like Shifty Don the shakes.

‘Paradise Lost’ and the Neocons Karen Kwiatkowski bestows the Milton Awards.

Federal Lifelog Designed with you in mind.

The Neocons Take a Hit Are the enemies of freedom losing? Well, it’s a start, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Naked Before the State DC’s neo-spies want to rip away your privacy, to protect you, of course.

Daddy Issues Karen Kwiatkowski on Bush père et fils.

Give the Free Market a Chance? Never mind.

Private Lies vs. State Lies Karen Kwiatkowski on the New York Times and the feds.

Skippering the Yacht of State Karen Kwiatkowski on the rise and fall of Jay Garner.

The Roadmap to Serfdom Karen Kwiatkowski on Pentagon Mideast policy.

Some Republicans Not Obeying Karen Kwiatkowski has some advice for Bush.

Managing the Rapture Karen Kwiatkowski on victory.

Clear Channel for the State Karen Kwiatkowski on jabberers for Big Brother.

Rumsfeld’s Work Is Never Done After all, freedom is messy.

Will Bush Be Punk’d? Karen Kwiatkowski on really understanding our foreign policy.

The Babylonian Trilateral Karen Kwiatkowski on neo-US strategic doctrine.

Another Piece of Cake, Neocons? The days when you could have it and eat it too are ending, says Karen Kwiatkowski.

Chaos Theory for Neocons Karen Kwiatkowski on card games for Trotskyite non-combatants.

Jay Garner’s Missing Link Karen Kwiatkowski on the success of the Iraqi proconsul.

Lessons From Somalia Not Mogadishu. The other lessons.

Starship Troopers Does Rumsfeld’s military resemble a fascist novel?

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