330. Libertarian Anarchy

Gerard Casey talks to Lew Rockwell about the philosophical necessity of opposing the state.


329. Learning the Historical Truth

John Denson talks to Lew Rockwell about revisionist books and evil movies.

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John V. Denson: Archives


328. The State’s Favorite Activity

Tom Woods on how Murray Rothbard changed his mind on war.


327. The Age of Ron Paul?

Jay Taylor interviews Lew Rockwell on the coming bull market in freedom.

Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times show


326. Presidential Monsters

Judge Napolitano talks to Lew Rockwell about Theodore and Woodrow.


325. We Don’t Have To Put Up With This

Gary Franchi of WHDT World News interviews Lew Rockwell about seceding.


Gary North: War Revisionism vs. Government Lies

Gary North speaks on the urgent need for de-bamboozlement.

323. I Loved Lee Harvey Oswald

Judyth Vary Baker talks with Lew Rockwell about the man wrongly blamed for the murder of JFK.


322. FDR Provoked Pearl Harbor

Robert Higgs on US economic warfare against Japan.


321. The Fed’s War on Prosperity and Peace

Lew Rockwell talks to Lauren Lyster on Capital Account about how the Federal Reserve enables world war, empire, and the destruction of the productive.


320. How I Saved My Life

Natural-health expert Margaret Durst talks to Lew Rockwell about how you can, too.


319. You Have the Right Not To Vote. Exercise it!

Joshua Bennett of Patriot’s Lament blog interviews Lew Rockwell on KFAR 660 AM of Fairbanks, AK.


318. Teaching Freedom

Ron Paul talks about our path forward, the example of the Mises Institute, and why he’s so optimistic.


317. Gangs with Flags

Alex Jones interviews Lew Rockwell about the poisonous nature of governments.


316. The Prairie Fire of Freedom

Ron Paul talks to Lew Rockwell about its speed and spread.

Ron Paul stood with the Mises Institute at its beginning thirty years ago. The Supporters Summit 2012 this weekend celebrates this 30th Anniversary with an exclusive offer to donors to access live internet broadcast of the entire event.



Joseph Salerno: War, Terror, and Banking

Joseph Salerno talks to Lew Rockwell about our enemies, and practical ways to fight them.

314. Football: Another Government Institution

Skip Oliva talks to Lew Rockwell about the NCAA, the NFL and what needs to be done.

Skip Oliva blog: Man, Economy & Sport: The Free Market’s struggle to make the team,brings the Austrian school into the sports world.

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Skip Oliva: twitter @skipoliva


313. The All-Fat Diet

Peter Attia, M.D., talks with Lew Rockwell about scientific initiatives and American nutrition.


312. Ignore Romney and Obama

Brian Wilson talks to Lew Rockwell about real economics vs. government lies.

Brian’s Latest Podcasts on WSPD


311. War and the Fed

Lew Rockwell’s talk was delivered on September 14, 2012 at the NYC Mises Circle – Central Banking Insurance and Economic Decline.


310. American Elections Are Crooked

Bev Harris talks to Lew Rockwell about why they need to be delegitimized.


309. Why Three Kennedys Were Assassinated

Don Miller talks to Lew Rockwell about the real nature of the American regime revealed.

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308. Romney’s Neocons

Will he be even worse than Obama? Eric Margolis talks to Lew Rockwell about the Middle East.


307. The Creeping Police State

Now it’s galloping. Jim Puplava talks to Lew Rockwell.


306. Cholesterol Good; Statins Bad

Filmmaker, comedian Tom Naughton talks to Lew Rockwell about ignoring government food advice.


305. Remembering Murray

Bob Wenzel interviews Lew on Rothbard and much else.


304. State, War and Economy

Bob Higgs talks with Lew Rockwell about the delusions of power and the predatory US empire.

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303. Psycho-State Targeted Brandon Raub

Raub’s attorney, John Whitehead, talks to Lew Rockwell about Soviet America.

Judge orders release of US Marine detained for Facebook posts

On the basis that there was zero reason to detain a retired Marine and commit him to a medical facility for psychiatric evaluation, a Virginia judge has demanded that Brandon Raub be released from custody immediately.

Raub, 26, had his home visited one week earlier by FBI, Secret Service and local law enforcement agents who expressed concern over a series of Facebook posts he had made on his public social networking profile. They detained him without charge and admitted him to a local hospital for evaluation.

"The petition is so devoid of any factual allegations that it could not be reasonably expected to give rise to a case or controversy," reads a signed statement by Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett, which was provided to the Richmond Times-Dispatch Thursday afternoon.

Judge Sharrett adds that he was shocked to find that a magistrate did not include any grounds at all for holding Raub, who was placed in custody for a full week without any charges being pressed.

Earlier in the week, attorneys representing Raub from the Rutherford Institute attacked the mishandling of the case by suggesting that the entire ordeal was a war on their client’s constitutional rights.

“This is not how justice in America is supposed to work – with Americans being arrested for doing nothing more than exercising their First Amendment rights, forced to undergo psychological evaluations, detained against their will and isolated from their family, friends and attorneys. This is a scary new chapter in our history,” Rutherford Institute President John W. Whitehead says in a statement released on Tuesday this week. “Brandon Raub is no different from the majority of Americans who use their private Facebook pages to post a variety of content, ranging from song lyrics and political hyperbole to trash talking their neighbors, friends and government leaders.”

Days before he was detained, Raub had made a series of posts that reportedly worried the authorities. His most recent postings included critique of the investigation of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and other messages, such as, “The Revolution will come for me. Men will be at my door soon to pick me up to lead it” and “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.

“The bottom line is his freedom of speech has been violated,” Raub’s mother, Cathleen Thomas, told the Associated Press after her son was detained. On Thursday, she told the Times-Dispatch that the entire ordeal has been “phenomenal” and that others could be considered because, “This could have happened to anyone.”

"This has never been about anything but freedom of speech…. We’re going to continue to post on Facebook,” Thomas continued, adding that she considered her son a “true patriot.”

Raub served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and says he had been considering reenlisting before last week’s events.


302. The U.S. of Terrorism

Sibel Edmonds talks to Lew about the government’s attempts to stop her from telling the truth.


301. We Are on a 9/11 Countdown

301. We Are on a 9/11 Countdown

Gerald Celente talks to Lew Rockwell about the coming war, gold, guns, and getaways.