Zap Zap! Two Taser Tales To Tell Today

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And now for something completely expected.

  • Police allegedly tasered 82-year-old Lillian Fletcher when performing a well-being [hah] check at her home. The police broke into her home (not even with a warrant) and she grabbed a hammer. The cops then “served and protected” her by applying a good flow of electrons for her own good. The Sun Times article says that “after the Tasering, Fletcher, who suffers from dementia and schizophrenia, was hospitalized for five days and may have to undergo surgery for fluid on the brain.”
  • Our next story, via The Agitaror tells of cops tasering a sleeping man in his own home:

    Earlier this year, North Braddock, Penn. resident Shawn Hicks came back from a night out and plopped down on his own couch in his own home. Unfortunately, he failed to deactivate the silent alarm on his home security system. According to Hicks, two police officers responded to the alarm, entered his home, and woke him with a taser between the shoulder blades. When Hicks tried to explain that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and that the officers were in his own home, they tasered him again. They next checked his wallet and ID, which confirmed his name and address. Then they tasered him again. The police then removed the taser pellets from Hicks’ bloody back, refused to get him medical treatment, and arrested him for “being belligerent.” They threw him in a holding cell until 5 am the next morning, when they released him without filing any charges.

    You know what happened next. The police department suspended the officers who tasered Hicks without pay while they conducted a thorough investigation. They then had them arrested for assaulting Hicks with their tasers, falsely arresting him, and violating his civil rights. The two officers were fired from the police force, then charged, convicted, and given lengthy prison terms.

    Just kidding. They were cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Heartwarming stories from today’s fascist Amerika. Have a nice day!

    9:59 am on November 8, 2007