You’re Better Off ‘Working’ in a Sewer or Sweatshop

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Last week, the TSA announced that it was seeking “software able to monitor and log a wide range of activities [from its employees], including keystrokes, emails, attachments, screen captures, file transfers, chats, network activities, and website visits.” Today comes an article from Information Week: Government explaining that everyone’s favorite pedophiles are “looking for better ways to guard against insider threats…” The paranoia comes home: not only are all passengers potential terrorists, but all employees are potential Wikileakers.

IWG goes on to note the “interesting bit of timing” for this revelation: “…the White House Office of Special Counsel issued a memo on employee monitoring policies to Executive Branch departments and agencies the same day TSA released its solicitation. The OSC warned agencies against using monitoring as a way of muzzling whistleblowers.” But “OSC spokeswoman Ann O’Hanlon said the timing was purely coincidental.” Heh, heh.

TSA always ranks at the bottom when pollsters investigate “employee satisfaction” among the leeches lording it over us. (No, I don’t know why they conduct these surveys either. Who cares if a sponge is fulfilled and whistling Dixie while he preys on us? Let’s hope they’re all so miserable they quit — HA! Not with the very generous salaries, bennies, and pensions our taxes buy them.) The agency’s deviants also “have some of the worst job turnover of federal workers [sic for ‘bloodsuckers’] despite a $100-million effort to improve salaries and work duties…” Passengers can comfort themselves with the knowledge that even guys digging ditches in the noonday sun are probably happier than the average pervert at the TSA.

7:52 am on June 26, 2012