Your House and Your Life

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Writes David:

I had the cops push me aside and manhandle me all for a supposed “call” about a screaming child. Not my house; my neighbors never heard of such a thing when I interviewed them the following day, but I was grabbed by the cop, twisting my arm upwards and shoving me against the wall, before wife and kids, threatened with arrest and jail for “touching” him when I never did, forced to produce all my kids for these bastards and then they swept my house. All because I told the cop and county deputy calmly to their incessant requests to come in and see if everything was alright, “No. You may not come in.”  You have to ask yourself that if they weren’t going to accept my answer then why ask the question in the first place! I’ve just crossed the half century mark in my life, and have read for years about the decline into totalitarianism, but that night two weeks ago crystallized everything. There is no “slippery slope” that we’re supposedly about to go down, but the slope that we’ve already slid. Why is that? Because otherwise we wouldn’t be having these sorts of incidents.

7:36 am on July 23, 2012