“Your Fingers, Please”

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H.R. Writes: “I used to work in compliance at a major investment bank, and had to do a project which entailed doing background checks on all non-employee consultants who would be given computer access.  I had to do a fingerprint check on each one of them…they’re done electronically now—even if you do them on an ink card.  And those files definitely get saved.

One of the consultants’ prints came back with an arrest from the early seventies.  The charge?  Fishing without a license.  Seriously.  I’ve even had consultants tell me that their records were supposed to have been expunged, but their prints still come back.  Many times, the results show an arrest, but not the final outcome of the case.  Of course, the FBI has a number they can call to clear things up.  I’m sure that’s helpful.”

PS to Anonymous: To paraphrase O’Brien in the Ministry of Love, “They got mine a long time ago” — long before Woodstock, when I was in ROTC.

9:35 am on September 24, 2009