Your Family May Be in More Danger than You When You Are Deployed

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According to, “An airman at Grand Forks Air Force Base was sentenced Monday to 34 years in prison for raping the wife of a fellow airman who was deployed this past summer.” The airman “pleaded guilty at his court martial to all charges, including rape by threat of fear, forcible sodomy, assault consummated by a battery, burglary and communicating a threat.” In a plea deal, he has to serve a maximum of 20 years and register as a sex offender. The victim’s husband “said he believed the safest place for his family would be a military base where his fellow airman could look out for them.” He believed a lie. Just like he believed the lie that he was defending our freedoms by being deployed to some foreign country.

Thanks to T.M.

9:43 am on January 27, 2014