Young Pioneers

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There have been many great things about the Boy Scouts, despite their origin in a militaristic movement to prepare boys for service to the British empire. Yet surely it was inevitable that the growing fascist streak in America, so clear under Bush and continuing under Obama, would seek to create a youth militia for the regime – if not yet the Leader – out of the Scouts, who have been more and more state-oriented in recent years. However, it has suddenly gotten much worse; see this sickening story, Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More.

Parents, don’t let your babies grow up to be Obama Youth. (Thanks to Adam Koontz)

UPDATE from Tomás Engle:

Your blog post today reminds me of something my mother (who’s a flight attendant for a major legacy carrier) recalled to me awhile ago from an international flight.

She was small-talking with an older German gentleman and somehow Boy Scouts came up, and he replied with a smirk “Oh yes, we tried something like that in Germany awhile ago…didn’t work out too well.” They both had a laugh about it then, but I had no idea it could come to fruition this fast. I mean as libertarians/classical liberals we all *know* the tendency of the State, but when another dominoe falls into place I still feel like looking around to see how many others take notice of the big picture. Don’t know why I’m invariably shocked no one else is “shocked” by the path being followed.

Add to your post the viral video of the youths doing the march to Obama BEFORE he was even elected, his want for increased funding to Americorps, and Rahm’s desire for a universal draft, and we may well be seeing the wicked birth of the Blue Shirts. (ironically, my mother has been using this term for the TSA workers ever since they got their uniforms to make them look police-like. She uses the term frequently among co-workers when having to go through security to gauge their political sympathies and so far sadly NONE have “gotten it”.)

8:44 am on May 14, 2009