…you might be a redneck

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“A 76-year-old woman has been barred from the bus station after giving unwanted birth-control advice to mothers with large families.”

Here’s the best part – “‘She’s been making comments to some of the Hispanic passengers that they should be on the pill, that they’re taking over our society,’ said Todd Beutler, general manager of the Cache Valley Transit District.”

What a tiresome old woman. And, by the way, she’s wrong about this being a “freedom of speech” issue. She’s free to say anything she wants to anyone who cares to listen, but no one has the right to harass others with unwanted “advice” or to harangue others about their family planning or anything else. There’s no such thing as a right to coerce others into a conversation.

“They’re taking over our society.” I think that’s exactly what the Mexicans said when the U.S. government stole Utah from Mexico a few decades back.

Incidentally, this old lady (who clearly has way too much free time) better hope for more people to have more children if she wants to keep those Medicare and Social Security checks rolling in.

8:55 pm on June 30, 2007