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The New York Times is at it again.

According to one of his speechwriters, George Bush bragged that he had “redefined” conservatism out of the GOP. Now Winston (6079 Smith W.!!), hard at work next to the Memory Hole at the  NYT, picks up Bush’s paltry, pathetic knockoff as the real thing, and canonizes Manhattan’s malicious manipulator whose dialectic fatally infected the Republican Frankenstein:

Irving Kristol, Godfather of Conservatism, Dies

History, anyone? When contemporary “conservatism” was articulated in the 1950s, Irving was still steeped in Trotsky and longing for a worldwide socialist revolution. His promiscuous power-lust did not “father” anything (Marx hated the family, we recall) – better to call it an infestation.

It’s hard to predict which will die first, the Republican Party or the New York Times. Well, Comrade Irving [7022 Kristol I.!!] has beaten them both.

Irving Kristol, Godfather of Conservatism, Dies

6:26 am on September 19, 2009