You Know ME?!?

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Actually, Jeffrey, he didn’t carry himself that way. He was wearing a very sloppy set of gray heather sweatpants and a ratty looking sweater, and he slouched badly. Like he was developing some great hump in his back. (Maybe it was all that time in front of the electronic poker machines…) He was walking with someone, I’m guessing he was out for his morning constitutional. Only in DC would someone take their morning walk around the World Bank/IMF complex.

My first thought was “that sloppy looking man giving me the evil eye looks awfully familiar; where have I seen him before?” Then recognition set in: “Oh, that slob is Bill Bennet!”

(My first major faux pas with the famous was telling Chris Matthews “You look familiar… did you teach a journalism course at San Francisco State University?” I asked it seriously, of course, not quite remembering him from the McLaughlin Group. He was not happy with me.)

2:06 pm on September 29, 2005

You know me?

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Charles, it’s funny that you saw Bennet walking in the DC streets. You know, he is one of those people who walks with his head up and eyes peeled, looking around in hopes that someone will recognize him. If you look at him with a sense of recognition, you will catch his eye every time, and then he poses for you, as if to say: “yes, it is your great fortune to have seen the great Bill Bennet in the flesh; this is a moment you will remember.”

This is a sure sign of ghastly, self-serving pride. Not even Newt Gingrich carries himself this way.

1:39 pm on September 29, 2005
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