You Don’t Watch TV!?

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Great article, Karen and Brad, I had somehow missed it the first time. After reading some of it out to my wife, she mentioned that when she is substitute teaching at gov’t schools she makes a point to tell the students that we do not get broadcast TV at home. The students’ eyes get big and they look shocked and confused. They say things like, “You don’t watch any TV? What do you do in the evening?” They really cannot imagine life without television. My wife patiently explains to them that we read books, we play games, we talk to each other, we attend lectures together and engage in many other activities that do not revolve around the TV. They blink and look uncomprehendingly at her as she says these things. My wife points out that this implies that these elementary, junior high and high school children are not being talked to, played with or read to. Very sad.

11:18 pm on March 7, 2004