You Don’t Usually Think of Nazis As Chuckling

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Despite the “pressure” that “revelations of U.S. intelligence-gathering programs” have exerted on James “Ding Dong” Clapper, the “Director of National Intelligence,” he’s keeping his spirits up and even managing a few jokes. OK, they’re lame, lamer than the bird in the White House, but hey, Himmler never yukked it up, did he? Give Ding Dong some credit. Addressing his fellow spooks and goons at a “black-tie banquet on Friday night honoring Michael Hayden, the former CIA and National Security Agency chief,” Ding Dong quipped, “Some of you expressed surprise that I showed up. … So many e-mails to read!”

He also joshed John “The Pervert” Pistole, the TSA’s chief deviant. You’ll recall that while Congress has no problem with the TSA’s groping us, it roared mightily when The Perv proposed allowing serfs to carry pocketknives aboard planes. The Perv caved to Congress last week, so you’ll continue losing your Leatherman to the TSA’s thieves. That had Ding Dong asking,  “John, can I borrow your pocketknife?”

Another reason never to become a war-criminal: no wit.

8:18 am on June 12, 2013