Yo, Moron: There’s Gambling in Casablanca, Too!

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Our incredibly stupid Rulers have yet again professed themselves “shocked” at the TSA’s incompetence. Wanna bet these bozos also marveled as the sun set in the west last night?

The latest in a long line of such “shocks” arose during yet another “hearing” the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security held. As the TSA continues strip-searching and medically endangering grandmothers in precarious health, Congressional criminals warm the globe with their hot air rather than abolish the predator they created.

This sham of a “hearing took an interesting turn after a TSA official said that a U.S. citizen restricted from commercial flying is allowed to train for a pilot license. ‘There’s a reason that they’re on the no-flight list,’” spluttered Mike “The Moron” Rogers (R-AL), who, as the subcommittee’s chairman, is as culpable as John “The Pervert” Pistole for the TSA’s atrocities. Yep, Moron, there is: sometimes, it’s because their names are “David Nelson,” and other times, it’s because they’re 18 months old.

Geez, is The Moron too stupid to breathe, or what? Believing that anyone should heed a national disgrace like the No-Fly List, compiled by the most stunningly inept psychopaths Leviathan has ever empowered (and remember how high that bar is, given the competition from other equally absurd and abusive agencies) … well, now we know why The Moron skulks in Congress, don’t we?

8:02 am on July 20, 2012