Yo, Apostles! Get Your ‘Proud To Be a Roman’ Bumper Stickers Here!

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John Windsor, a devout Christian and reader of LRC, writes me, “…so many professing Christians today are unthinking warmongers. (I can just see a first-century Christian with a ‘Proud To Be a Roman’ bumper sticker on the back of his ox cart.)”

Indeed, John. I’ve sometimes tried, but failed, to picture Christians in the catacombs praying God’s blessings on the legionaries as they crucify Peter, exile John to Patmos, and martyr Paul. Recall that Rome’s soldiers even held a certain Carpenter against the stipes as others drove home the spikes.

Yet modern “Christians” pray the Lord’s protection not on the State’s victims but on the wretched descendants of Rome’s wretches. May God have mercy on us.

12:56 pm on May 16, 2012