Yet Another Thing to Thank Republicans For

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Some people say that I pick on Republicans too much. But how can I not? The latest conservative outrage is that a record 18.7 million students got a free lunch in school and that the School Breakfast Program also had record participation in fiscal 2012, with 9.76 million students getting free breakfasts during the average school month.

Well, as I have said a thousand times before and will say a thousand times in the future, Republicans had complete control of the government for over four years during the Bush presidency and did absolutely nothing to roll back the welfare state. And not only that, they increased it. There is hardly a Republican member of Congress–who touts his conservative credentials at every election–who sees anything wrong with the government providing poor children with breakfast or lunch at school. And there are even less who have a problem with public schools in the first place.

On a related note, I thank Republicans every time I see one of those new, unsafe light bulbs that never last the 5 or 7 years that they are supposed to. I can almost thank Republicans for every evil thing about the federal government. And some libertarians think they can influence the GOP to be more libertarian leaning? That is like trying to enter a dead horse in a race.

How I miss Samuel Francis and what he would be saying about the Stupid Party right now.

7:36 pm on March 13, 2013