Yes, Veterans Are Awakening

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I can independently confirm what Laurence Vance reports about e-mails from veterans who support LRC, Ron Paul, the anti-intervention message, and libertarianism. In fact, I happened to have informed Lew about this prior to Laurence’s post. I’ll provide some anonymous extracts from such e-mails sent to me because they are informative in their own right:

“Part of what finally woke me up  to the futility of  the Rep-Dem establishment’s foreign policy (DOR) consensus was my time in Afghanistan. I was a captain then in ’04–’05 working in the CSAF-A HQ in Kabul, and things were looking good as far as security and commerce. However, any thinking person back  then recognized that we could stay there for a 100 years and only make  marginal gains towards making Afghanistan a less destitute and warlike collection of tribes. And even then, there were no ‘terrorists’  hatching plans in caves to attack America, but there were plenty of  ‘insurgents’ who wanted us out. One only needed to take notice of the decrepit English forts and Russian buildings to realize that we weren’t the first occupiers and wouldn’t be the last…”

“I got turned on to LRC after seeing a Mises Inst. poster in the econ dept. at the USAF Academy back in ’96, but it took the next 10+ yrs for me to become a full-fledged libertarian. The Bush bailouts were the last straw for me as far as a reliable GOP (or any kind of) voter, though I am supporting Dr. Paul. Ironically, despite the heavy indoctrination, I did become a more critical thinker thanks to my time at USAFA, and anecdotal evidence suggests a larger percentage of my fellow ‘service’ academy grads are to some degree libertarians than the general college-‘educated’ population. Even in the military — at least in the officer ranks — only the most brainwashed/delusional and/or ass-kissing, ladder-climbing careerists seem to still support these wars (and interventionist foreign policy in general).”

8:19 am on December 2, 2011