Yeah, but They Caught the Bank Robber…

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People stopped at an intersection in Aurora, Colorado, on June 2 suddenly found themselves staring at cocked and loaded guns held by police, were dragged out of their cars, handcuffed, with police demanding to search their vehicles, and then detained as criminals for two hours. In other words, they were arrested mass style because police “had a tip” that a bank robber was stopped at the light.

According to news reports:

Responding officers barricaded the area, trapping about 25 cars near the intersection. Then police went car by car and pulled out each occupant at gunpoint and handcuffed them.

What really is disconcerting is the lack of protest from the drivers to people making comments on the articles. The cops got a suspect, so everything was justified. Yet, when a cop points a gun at you, he is ready to blow you away, and if a child or even an adult had made a “suspicious” move, that person would have been shot to death and no doubt people would have found a way to justify that, too. Welcome to Amerika.

9:44 am on June 5, 2012