Ya Vol!

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A twenty-year-old Greek soccer player has reportedly been “banned for life” from the sport for raising his right arm in response to his team’s victory.  His gesture was regarded by some as a “Nazi salute,” even though he denied that such was his intention.  I must admit that I used to give this same “salute” every  school-day: it was in 1941, and our daily pledge of allegiance included our having to raise our right arm at a 45 degree angle, palm down.  The following year, the ritual was modified.  Should I – along with my many peers from across the country at that time – be “banned for life?”  Does the fact that the pledge of allegiance  and the flag salute were intended to help condition our young minds to accept state-socialism (of which Germany’s National Socialism was but one franchise) provide us a defense?  Or am I to be “banned for life” for having long rejected the fascist-state that it was the purpose of the government schools to program me to accept?

2:22 pm on March 18, 2013