WSJ’s McGurn: Pope Supports Bush’s Iraq Occupation!

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This is what happens when a good guy like Bill McGurn gets bought out by Rupert Murdoch.

McGurn’s assertion that Benedict supports Bush’s occupation makes of this brilliant theologian-Pope a confused consequentialist — that is, a victim of moral blindness who indulges in a sophomoric but profound ethical error. What tawdry trash, camouflaged as a backhanded compliment (as though the Pope’s standing is enhanced by the warm reception from his intellectual superior, Bush).

McGurn then proceeds to some ethical contortions of his own: “As a cardinal, Benedict was on record as opposing America’s entry into Iraq” (I love that “entry” — nice try, Bill)– but he doesn’t even mention Pope John Paul’s withering criticism, and he implies that Benedict as Pope has “grown.” Meanwhile, not one word from Bill or Bush about the plight of millions of Christians in the Middle East, caused or exacerbated (or both) by Bush’s blunders.

Bill, making of this Pope a warmonger borders on blasphemy. You don’t have to shill like this — you can quit. Man, if you keep this up, you may as well go across town to the New York Times.

8:12 am on April 22, 2008