WSJ “Defends” Neocons on Iraq (one more time)

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It’s all part of their “Permanent Apology” agitprop.

Well. clearly they know we’re not convinced yet. This time around, it’s Peter Berkowitz, with one of the most lame and simply irrational renditions of the “Neocon Rewrite History Project.” (Why is it so lame? hint: he was a Giuliani foreign policy advisor. Now do you understand?)

It is pathetic and painfully thin, but also a testimony to how people who are always wrong can still cling to power, and to self-images that collide on every side with the real world (neocons never were high on metaphysics, or the Constitution, for that matter).

With the neocons so obviously battered, bruised, and disgraced, Berkowitz feigns humility (neocons should have exercised “greater caution” before invading Iraq. My, what a revealing insight!).

If he really meant it, he would tell his Trotskyite pals to follow the advice of Ludwig von Mises: abdicate.

9:42 am on February 16, 2008