Words of Wisdom from One of the TSA’s Former Goons

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Everyone’s most hated bureaucracy employed Bill Forster at Los Angeles International Airport for four years, until he finally quit because “working” for the TSA was “honestly the worst most embarrassing job I have ever had…it is theater folks! They protect no one. Its [sic] an illusion. Want proof? Next time you travel bring with you two glass bottles. One broken and one intact. The broken one will be taken away. It is after all a weapon! You can break the other bottle AFTER they let you in with it.”

Meanwhile, Saturday marked ten years since warmonger and torturer George W. Bush signed the legislation hatching this satanic agency. How utterly shameful that we’ve tolerated demeaning, brutal tyranny for a decade now — as bad as a rat’s dying in your living room of old age, fat and contented.

10:23 am on November 21, 2011