Words of “Encouragement” from a Paul Krugman Supporter

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I had no idea that I was wealthy and represented “the rich,” but one of Paul Krugman’s well-spoken supporters has assured me that is the motivation for my criticisms of Krugman’s writings on economics. She writes (and I use her exact words):

Oh, he’s not an economist, is that right?
Who died and made you God, you loud -mouthed liar?
If you’re so brilliant you can fisk this brilliant man, how come Krugman is winning a Nobel Prize in economics and you’re not?
Jealous much?
You are just pandering to the political interests you represent.
I’d love to see you debate these issues with Krugman. I’ve seen him speak. He’d wipe up the floor with you.
And btw his the economic system he espouses is referred to as “New Keynesian” economics just like the new physics is “New Newtonian”physics. A lot of things have changed but enough stays the same that we continue to honor those pioneers in science who came before.
But I suppose someone of your ilk doesn’t ever look over his shoulder, or up from his own bottom line.
You’re part of the problem that makes people say “EAT THE RICH”.

I find the debate issue particularly hilarious, since Krugman already has refused to debate Robert Murphy despite the fact that the money raised for the debate would go to help poor people.

2:28 pm on January 13, 2013