Wonders Never Cease!

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WKMG in Orlando comes about as close as the corporate media ever will to calling the TSA’s sociopaths “liars” in regards to the sad case of Kevin Brown. Mr. Brown was an emotionally disturbed young man who had packed “two bottles of model rocket fuel, pipes, end caps and batteries in [his checked] luggage”; these “were not explosives and could not have been assembled into an explosive device. While the diluted fuel was flammable, it was not explosive-grade material and there was no initiator, such as a blasting cap, among the materials, which is a necessary component to an explosive device, according to FBI experts.”

Nonetheless, when Mr. Brown tried to board his flight in Orlando four years ago, the TSA “caught” and savaged him to justify its absurd “Behavior Detection Officers.” The agency’s spokesliars repeatedly insisted to the media and Congress that “BDOs,” who supposedly read our minds, had saved American aviation from this poor, sick “terrorist” and his non-existent bomb. In fact, “witnesses … say symptoms of his mental illness were obvious to anyone who saw him at the airport that day.”

Mr. Brown was arrested and imprisoned — another of the TSA’s millions of victims. Yet condemnation of this vile agency remains muted and infrequent in the corporate media. So savor this story from WKMG! Rather than recycle the TSA’s press releases as most “journalists” do, the station actually “investigated” the agency and its abuse of Mr. Brown. Not surprisingly, the reporter “found the misstatements of fact [about Mr. Brown’s case] by government officials reached the highest level of the Department of Homeland Security, which includes TSA.”

10:09 am on February 22, 2012