Witch Doctor Krugman’s Chaos Theory

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In a postmodern twist on ancient myth, Paul Krugman warns against chaos if Obamanites do not enjoy unfettered rule next year.

This calls to mind the pre-philosophical myth, in its countless variants, that warned of chaos if the harmony of the cosmos was shattered.

For Krugman, the god “BiPartisan” scowls from its totem perch, demanding obedience. Funny, he only turns up in non-Left-Wing years. Must have something to do with winding the clock at Stonehenge.

Krugman’s adolescent pre-analytical skills regarding politics remind me of Bill Clinton’s clownish efforts at Georgetown, constantly trying to get elected to some student office. Eliade examines the “Myth of the Eternal Return” (to the origin of cosmic order). Krugman represents the sad fact of eternal adolescence.

6:47 am on October 29, 2010