Wingnuts in Arms

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A number of you have written me about the shooting at LAX, fearing that the TSA will respond by arming its thugs. Indeed, about half of you suggested that the incident was a false-flag to produce that result.

Let me set your minds at ease. It won’t happen because Leviathan’s lapdogs in the media are unutterably opposed, though I don’t know why. Perhaps their hatred of guns outweighs their craving of additional power for Our Rulers. Perhaps they, too, distrust the TSA’s goons even if they won’t admit it: hey, editors at newspapers fly to Cancun on vacation like anyone else. Or perhaps they’re simply taking dictation from Our Rulers, who also fly and must therefore distrust, etc.

At any rate, this op-ed is typical of many I have read this week. Don’t bother wading through it: the author is factually incorrect on several points and laughably ignorant on the rest (here’s my favorite howler: “…arming TSA screeners would change the image of the organization from a service aimed at guaranteeing safe air travel to an unwanted imposition of federal authority.” Um, didn’t that change occur about a week after the deviants groped their first victim?). Suffice to say that the writer — and by extension, the LA Slimes as well as its comrades in propaganda — oppose arming the checkpoint’s dimwits.

I’ve also seen agitprop-sorry, articles predicting a new era of acceptance and even approval for the TSA. Don’t buy it. Judging by their comments on these statist dreams, readers remain as contemptuous of gate-rape and thievery as ever.

10:17 am on November 8, 2013