William H. Peterson, RIP

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How sad to learn from his great friend Bob Luddy, that economist and libertarian Bill Peterson died today at 91. Bill had a distinguished academic and corporate career—including serving as a colleague at NYU to Ludwig von Mises—but he was never happier than teaching the truths of the free market to businessmen, which he did in speeches and in writing. He agreed with Mises that economics was too important to be left to the economists. He was also a happy warrior for freedom: optimistic, enthusiastic, dedicated. He well deserved the Mises Institute’s highest honor, the Gary G. Schlarbaum prize for lifetime achievement in liberty, in the tradition of Mises, which he received in 2005. He was also a great gentleman of the sort seldom seen anymore. God rest his soul.

5:30 pm on June 19, 2012