Will They Make Barf Bags Available at Airport Terminals, Too?

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I’ll need one if, in the near future, I am at an airport and see American “troops” (a.k.a. paid murderers for the state) returning from mass murdering Syrians, who have not posed any threat to any American, being applauded and cheered by Boobus Americanus as they shuffle through the airport.  I’ll need a second one if I hear some moron say “Thank you for your service.”  In fact, I guess I’ll have to start packing my own supply.

UPDATE:  A U.S. Naval officer writes:  “As a Rothbardian and a Naval officer (yes, there are a few of us), I have to say I also am really bothered by the endless chorus of ‘thank you for your service’ I receive.  My usual answer is: ‘Well, I’m just a tax feeder like all the other government bureaucrats,’ or ‘Well, in my experience, most of the military doesn’t serve you.'”

He asked if I could suggest a better response.  My answer was:  “Well, if it was me, I ‘d say I just wish Ron Paul was president and our foreign policy was one of defense rather than offense.”  If anyone has other tips for the Rothbardian Naval officer feel free to pass them along to me.

7:03 pm on May 5, 2013