Will It Never End?

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Another former Bush staffer now celebrates his former boss’s vaunted faith. “George W. Bush is in fact a man with a great soul whose internal moral compass made him a gifted leader,” writes Tim Goeglein. If that isn’t bad enough, he goes on to compare Bush to Pope John Paul II.

Tim is lucky (and so is W) that Bush’s “integrity” hasn’t been subjected to the truth-telling requirements that the UK has forced on Tony Blair. Nor has “Bush the Christian” ever apologized for the hundreds of thousands of dead and displaced Christians in the Middle East caused by his illegal wars.

“Gifted Leader.” “Dear Leader.” The love of power (libido dominandi) has as its corollary the love of the powerful by the sycophant (see Norman Cohn’s masterpiece describing the history of this gnostic perversion in the Middle Ages through the Reformation). The sickening tendency continues in our own age: one of the most reprehensible came with the fatuous claim from William McGurn, former Bush speechwriter now working for Rupert Murdoch, that Pope Benedict had finally come around and realized how brilliant Bush’s wars were after all.

The swill still flows. The stench rolls on. The country collapses. The War Party frolics in the Pentagon trough. What a marvelous gift from the “gifted leader.”

8:08 am on July 2, 2012