‘Concealed Carry’ Will End the British Riots Overnight

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Lew, a few years after Virginia adopted its “shall issue” concealed carry law, I remember a long story in the Washington Post wondering why crime rates had risen in recent years much more in Maryland, which had no such law, than in Virginia. Well, duh!

There are all sorts of reasons why a criminal standing on the 495 bridge over the Potomac would choose to go north to Maryland instead of south to Virginia. For one, police are trained not to shoot (although they often break their own rules); gun owners are more direct and are more likely to responsibly defend themselves by any and all means necessary. That would be true for the UK as well.

I wonder how brazen those British thugs would be if they knew shop owners might have a loaded Sturm-Ruger Mini-14 under every counter. One report I saw tonight showed a block of shops totally destroyed and looted, save one: the bookstore. Clearly intelligent persuasion will not avail with the plunderers. Bullets might fare better. They are cowards, after all.

I couldn’t help guffaw when NBC news presented its London “correspondent” whose analysis relied on Dickens’s “A Tale Of Two Cities” — it’s just another sad tale, he whined, of the oppressed  poor against the filthy rich. Did he bother to watch his own network, with footage depicting drunks looting a wine shop? Did he forget that Ernest Defarge owned a wine shop, and it was his wife whose knitting recorded the killings she applauded at “la Machine” — the Guillotine? Did he get it a little backwards, perhaps?

Meanwhile, it was the poor Catholic peasants in the Vendee who marched with their pitchforks to defend their homes against the advancing revolutionary forces, who killed them by the tens of thousands. And the Revolutionary Directorate was full of rich, ideological intellectuals who hated the Monarchy and the Church. Toujour la haine! Vive la Guillotine!

As usual, NBC’s ignoramuses turn history upside down to push the statist party line. Will the UK buy into it and cave, and forgive the poor little dears? Or will they hand out concealed carry permits to every small businessman in England, and end the British riots in a New York minute?

8:06 pm on August 9, 2011