Will Americans Lose the Right to Vote When U.S. Troops Finally Leave Afghanistan?

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The governor of Virginia apparently thinks so. In a recent speech he said:

“The sacred right to vote, which our men and women in uniform have died to secure, has been restored to 8,013 people during our four years.”

“We must not forget that men and women in uniform are still defending that right to vote today.”

Since U.S. troops have “officially” left Iraq and have begun leaving Afghanistan, will Americans lose the right to vote when U.S. troops finally leave Afghanistan?

I guess that as long as U.S. troops are fighting somewhere in the world our right to vote for Socialist A or Fascist B will be secure. But I wonder if anyone can give me the name of a single person in Iraq or Afghanistan who wanted to take away Americans’ right to vote or the name of someone in one of those countries who even cared a whit about Americans’ voting rights?

Thanks to the veteran T.M.


3:00 pm on January 9, 2014