Wikipedia on V

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In Wikipedia’s entry for the film V for Vendetta, responses to the movie are discussed, including a mention of LRC!

. . . One of the most negative reviews came from conservative talk-show host Michael Medved who called the movie “V for vile, vicious, vacuous, venal, verminous and vomitaceous.” Medved also said that the movie recites leftwing propaganda, audiences will lose interest about halfway through the film, and that it has a confusing ending. “[16]

However, many on the libertarian and conservative right, especially at see the film as a positive depiction in favor of a free society with limited government and free enterprise, citing the state’s terrorism as being of greater evil and rationalized by its political machinery, while V’s acts are seen as ‘terroristic’ because they are done by a single individual

4:32 pm on March 20, 2006