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Julian Assange’s technological know-how and his ethical ascendance are a great gift — and of course, mainstream media (and Mother Jones!) look the gift horse in the mouth. However, I first heard of the latest Wikileak release on 880 am radio (CBS, NYC) as the lead 30 minute news run last night, with a very complimentary and respectful verbal assessment of the latest Afghanistan files by NYT reporter (and smart guy) Eric Schmidt. Some years ago, Eric once visited me at my house; the visit was well, short, and each of us was decidedly unimpressed with the other. I think it started to go sour when I suggested that the major reporters had not done their simple and obvious job in investigating/reporting both the facts and the lies made to justify the Iraq invasion, subsequent occupation, and assorted puppetry. Today, after nearly a decade of Afghanistan destruction, and over two decades of messing with and up Iraq, perhaps our kings and deciders think it might be time for the military industrial complex to sit back on their plump and well-fed haunches and let some other government supplicant have their turn at the teat. Before it dries up for good. Or not — but it may not matter if Wikileaks can continue to jujitsu the secret keepers and their Praetorian guard in the mainstream media.

8:01 am on July 26, 2010