Why You Need a Divorce from the Medical Establishment

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A freedom fighter friend, whose family stays self-sufficient and as independent of the establishment as possible, writes me with this amazing story. The crux of the story is that his family had to move from a midwife to a home midwife in order to defy the conventional wisdom and standard medical protocol:

A few years ago, when we were pregnant with our first child, we were seeing a midwife in a hospital just across the river in a neighboring state (the state where I live bans midwives, yep… too little space to comment on the idea that government can dictate where and how you have your kids…).

It went okay; us refusing various suggested treatments, tests, and generally she was accommodating… until the glucose test.

Take a pregnant women, force her to FAST 12 hours or so, and then have her drink a complete synthetic concoction of 8 ounces or so of processed sugar/glucose and see what effect it has on insulin and other levels to see if she has pre-gestational diabetes.

I asked our midwife why this test and why this way (with the complete processed, expensive big pharma beverage)?  “Because that is the way it is.”  Then I point out my wife shows no other signs or symptoms of having gestational diabetes, nor has any history of it in her family or any related conditions, and that doing this to a pregnant woman’s body certainly seems like a good way to GIVE them such a condition or cause another health problem for mom or baby.

“Sorry, its policy.  You have to do the test.” “Even though the test is bad for my wife and baby.” Silence.

We switched to a home birth midwife.  One of the best decisions of our life – had three now at home, and each one has been a precious, low stress, and (way more so than a hospital birth) enjoyable experience, albeit a lot of work for my wife, but at least in a relaxed, loving, and safe place.

A few weeks later we received a letter from the other midwife’s office that “they do not recognize homebirth” and we had been fired as patients.  They wouldn’t even provide side along care just in case we actually needed their medical assistance for a real medical condition.  Guess they are too busy and profitable creating and treating psuedo-conditions created by their practices and policies.

Our one daughter was once labeled as a “biohazard” by a hospital because she had not been placed under their McMuffin lights soon after birth and inspected by their office of baby compliance.

This isn’t medical care, it is madness.

My comment: It may be madness, but wait until post-2014 when the madness steps up to become targeted tyranny against any and all individuals who deny the standard medical protocols that are the result of “research-based” medicine. Yes, the same “research” that has given us the federal food pyramid, genetically modified organisms in our food, subsidized Big Agra, three decades of increasing obesity, and the ever profitable Big Cancer, etc.

ObamaCare has already commenced, indeed, but still, we have not yet begun to see it carried out to the levels of tyranny that will occur with time, as the central planners become better equipped to further collectivize medical care and drive out independent thinking and self-directed medical decisions.

6:05 am on November 4, 2012