Why We Have Government

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The TSA and its lackeys in the corporate media are hyping economic fascism they call “PreCheck,” a collaboration between Our Rulers and Amerika’s airlines to exempt some passengers sometimes from the TSA’s scope-n-grope at the checkpoints. Airlines “invite” — Our Rulers’ word; mine is “extort” — frequent fliers to cough up more personal info than the Feds already require in exchange for avoiding the security circus sometimes at some airports.

The handful of victims who cooperate and thereby escape sexual assault are wildly enthusiastic about “PreCheck”: “‘Woo-hoo, that was awesome,’ [Albuquerque, N.M., resident Marcus] Attaway exclaimed as he gathered his carry-on bag and backpack after passing through the new PreCheck lane at Pittsburgh International Airport Tuesday afternoon; he did so without removing his shoes or belt, without taking his laptop from the backpack and without waiting in line. ‘This is like flying in the ’80s again.’”

I.e., like flying before the TSA existed to molest and inconvenience passengers.

Imagine a private company imposing such offensive conditions that the highest compliment customers can pay an innovation is to say, “Woo-hoo, it’s like it was before this horrific business existed.” I know: tough to imagine such an absurdity because no one would ever patronize such an enterprise. Which is why we have government: it forces us to do what no sane person ever would.

5:47 am on October 21, 2012